Why is Tinder So Slow?

Tinder is either slow because your internet connection is weak or your phone is too old to handle the app. Try to re-download the app or make adjustments to speed up your phone, this will usually fix the problem.

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If your phone is the cause of Tinder being slow you can try downloading this app and connect it to Tinder.

Read on for a detailed list of things to try to get your Tinder app back up to speed.

6 Things To Try To Speed Up Your Tinder App

Many Tinder users complain of lag when they’re trying to swipe through potential partners or serious delays with Tinder’s chat function.

However, it is commonly found that taking one or several of these steps solves the problem and allows the app to return to a normal speed.

Check your internet connection

A poor internet connection is a common cause of slow, delayed, or laggy apps.

If possible, try alternating between WiFi and mobile data and seeing if there’s a difference in the performance of the Tinder app.

If one option performs significantly better, the speed of your internet connection for the other option is likely to be the problem.

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Quit the app and start again

The classic solution to fixing anything technological. As simple as it sounds, this can sometimes be all it takes to fix speed problems with Tinder.

Make sure to actually close the Tinder app, rather than simply switching to another application. When you switch from one app to another, this keeps the initial app open.

With this in mind, you may as well quit all apps that you aren’t using at this time. This will free up some extra bandwidth for the one app that you are using.

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Delete and reinstall the app

Tinder – and the creators of most smartphone apps – are regularly updating the app to remove bugs and create an improved user experience.

Unless you’ve set your phone to automatically check and install new versions of apps, you’ll have to delete and reinstall the Tinder app to get the latest edition.

On many smartphone apps, this solves temporary problems with speed or lag.

Try using the desktop version of Tinder

Tinder launched its desktop version at Tinder.com in 2017. At the time of writing, it’s available to users in most parts of the world.

If you’re having problems with your iOS or Android app, it’s definitely worth checking this edition of Tinder.

You might even find it easier to use. Desktop users tend to conclude that it’s easier to type to your matches on their laptop, although swiping might not come as naturally.

Check social media for announcements

Have a look at Tinder’s Facebook or Twitter accounts. If the company has made an announcement about the app not working properly, that usually means there’s a problem with its servers.

In this scenario, it’s simply a case of waiting for Tinder to solve the problem at its end. It rarely takes more than 24 hours for companies to fix problems of this nature.

Contact Tinder customer service

Tinder isn’t known for having the most helpful or responsive customer service. Still, in its official guidance to fixing a buggy app, it urges users to inform its customer service team if the problem persists.

To do that, you’ll need to click here, answer a few questions about your account and describe your issue in as much detail as possible.

Note: you can also use this link to claim refunds on purchases made from Tinder, such as Boosts or Tinder Gold. If the app isn’t running properly, you have every right to ask for your money back.

I Never Get Matches or Replies On Tinder

If you’re annoyed that Tinder is ‘slow’ in the sense that it takes forever to get a match or a reply, none of the steps above will help you.

In this case, you need to focus on improving your profile and/or your opening message.

Tinder is highly competitive if you’re a male. Most women will only swipe right on the cream of the crop, so consider what you can do to stand out more.

What Are Some Alternatives To Tinder?

If, after all of these steps, your Tinder app is still too slow to use, it might be time to consider alternative dating apps.

In 2021, BumblePlenty Of FishMatch.com, and OK Cupid were the closest competitors to Tinder, for users in the United States.

Outside the United States, Badoo is the dating app with the most users, other than Tinder.

Final Thoughts

A quick search on Google, or any social media platform, reveals: a lot of people are complaining about Tinder being so slow. This suggests there are improvements that could be made to improve the speed of this app.

Match Group – which owns Tinder – surely makes enough money to find a way to do this.

Still, until these improvements are made, the steps described in this article will hopefully improve your user experience.