Why Is Tinder Not Working 2022

Has your Tinder app stopped working? Are you wondering why?

The most common reasons that you can’t access Tinder are: your account being banned, login error codes, the app’s servers being down or problems with your internet. There are different solutions for each problem, but your best is to communicate with Tinder’s customer team about any problems you’re having.  

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Below, we’ll explore these four main reasons why your Tinder app may not be working, plus what you should do in each situation.

Why Can’t I Log In To Tinder? 

1. Your Account Was Banned

If you breach Tinder’s Terms of Service, there’s a high chance that you’ll be banned from the app indefinitely. When this happens, you won’t be able to access your account, swipe on people or message your matches again.

Instead, you’ll see a notification that says: “Your Account Has Been Banned” and a link to the Terms of Service. You might also see Error Code 40303.

You won’t be informed what you did wrong, but the most likely reasons to be banned from Tinder include:

  • fake pictures;
  • indecent pictures;
  • indecent messages;
  • catfishing;
  • setting up multiple accounts.

You can try to message the Tinder customer service team and appeal your ban, but there doesn’t appear to be any stories online from people who have successfully done this.

A better strategy is to create a new account from scratch. You will have to do so with different personal details to your banned account though. This is the best guide I’ve found on how to create a new Tinder account after you’ve been banned.        

2. Login Error Code 5000

If you see an error code other than 40303, it means your account isn’t banned. More likely then, it’s an issue with your phone or the Tinder service in general.

The most common login error code is 5000. This code could appear if there’s a problem with your app, your WiFi or with Tinder in general. There are suggestions for how to overcome this problem below.

  • Turn off your VPN if you’re using one. 
  • Clear Tinder app data and try to log in again. 
  • Delete the app and reinstall the latest version.
  • Send an email to Tinder customer service.
  • Try logging in to the desktop version of Tinder.

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3. Tinder Is Down

Some of the most famous apps still go down now and again. Tinder isn’t immune to that either.

If Tinder or any other major app is down for all of its users, you’ll usually find plenty of people complaining about it on social media. Just do a quick search on Twitter for “Tinder is down”.  

You can also check websites such as downdetector.com for reports on whether the app is having issues. 

4. Your Internet Is Down

If you can’t log in to Tinder, there’s every chance that the problem is with your internet connection. The easiest way to check that is to try and navigate to other websites or apps to see if they’re working. Try switching between WiFi and mobile data to get it working. 

What To Do If You’re Not Getting Tinder Matches

A lot of guys ask the question “Why Is Tinder Not Working?” when they’re not getting any new matches or replies from their exsiting ones. 

But a lot of guys struggle with these problems even when there is nothing wrong with the app.  

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Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating when Tinder isn’t working, especially when you were on the cusp of a date with a total babe.

Still, now you have a list of potential reasons and solutions, it’s time to take action to get yourself back in the game.

Hopefully, you’ll be up and running on your account again soon.