Why Does Tinder Say I Have Messages When I Don’t

Did you receive a tinder notification but no message? Keep reading to find out why this happens.

Tinder sometimes displays a notification for a new message even though nobody has texted you. The user you matched with maybe unmatched you, got banned, or deleted their account. The app may be experiencing a bug or you may need to change your notification settings or clear your chat list.

However, it’s usually because the user unmatched you. After all, most people on Tinder will be quick to judge you for whatever reason. 

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The user who attempted to message you has been banned

There are many scammers on Tinder and Tinder is actively removing them from the platform. As an example, some women have been banned from the app for attempting to get men to pay for Snapchat or other services.

It is likely that a scammer messaged you, but as they have been flagged by other users, Tinder removed their account from the platform.

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The user has unmatched you

For one reason or another, the user you matched with changed their mind and came to the conclusion that you guys were not an ideal match. It should also go without saying that on dating sites matching and unmatching for the slightest issue is common. Maybe you said something controversial? Maybe your joke did offend them.

If you are being unmatched often maybe you are taking too much time before responding. People often unmatch people when they respond slowly, as they take long responses as a sign of disinterest. If this is the case for you, try checking in on the app more often.

The user has deleted their Tinder account

Sadly, some individuals still feel a certain amount of guilt or shame when it comes to using dating apps. Potentially, you and the individual matched,  felt comfortable talking to each other at first but then they saw a friend, family member, or an ex, and were spooked off the site.

In this case, it wasn’t your fault. In other cases, they may have deleted Tinder due to frustration. Potentially they were struggling to find what they were looking for and are now trying some other site instead. However, there are numerous reasons as to why someone may delete their Tinder profile.

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Clear your chat list

It is recommended that you keep your dating profile updated. This includes clearing old conversations you may never replied to, or where the spark has died. Potentially, the app is sending you a notification for an old message which was never opened. By keeping your inbox clear, these issues are less likely to happen.

Check your notification settings

Are your notification settings configured to be delayed? If this is the case, and you’re currently speaking to someone on Tinder, you may be receiving delayed notifications from that conversation. Go to your mobile settings and make sure that your notifications are set to be instantaneous. You may need to go to the Tinder app in your settings and change the notifications there.

Old Notification

This point aligns with the one above. If you have just sent a message on Tinder you may receive a notification for the message you have already replied to. This is basically happening because the app and notifications are lagging. This is a common problem amongst Tinder users and you can’t do anything about it.

Wrong Notification

You may be confused about what notification you saw. Tinder sends out various notifications all the time. One of these is when you have a new message from a match. Another is when you have new people to potentially match with. This notification may pop up if you haven’t swiped on the app in a long time and new people have moved to the area/joined the app and liked you.

Another very popular notification is, ‘You’ve been super liked’. Potentially, you misread the notification especially if your notifications are in a list form.

New Matches sometimes show as a Conversation

When you get a new match on Tinder, a dot will pop up on the conversation list. This does not mean there is a new message. It just means that you have a new match. For the conversation dot to disappear you need to click on every match you get.

Update the Tinder App

Check to see if you have any outstanding updates which need to be installed. If you are not using the most recent update of the app, there may be unresolved bugs causing this type of problem. Also, you may experience issues when using the app. Your phone may not be configured to auto-update and therefore it may be worthwhile checking your updates in settings. Tinder actively attempts to fix bugs with each update but due to having millions of users, it can be difficult to self identify all issues.

Potential Bug

One of the biggest bugs on the Tinder interface leads to users getting messaged but not actually seeing the message. If you have updated the app and your phone is in overall perfect working condition there are two things which you can do.

If the app is misfunctioning, it may be beneficial to delete it and then reinstall it. If the issue persists afterward, it may be useful to report the issues back to the developer. Tinder wants to know if people are having issues with the app so they can retain users. You can go to the Tinder help section and find out more about how to report a developmental app problem. Tinder also has a submit a request form.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has shown that there are numerous reasons why Tinder says you have messages when you don’t. It could simply be the app itself, a simple google search will show that Tinder is far from perfect. It may be that you have been using an old version of the app which has needed updating. It could be the unfortunate reality that someone may have unmatched you or they may have simply just deleted the app. You may have matched with many people and not opened the conversations, or maybe there is a bug on the application which needs to be reported back.