Why Are My Tinder Photos Blurry?

To meet Tinders resolution guidelines, you have to use a 640×640 picture. Other sized pictures can appear stretched and that will cause your photos to look blurry. Also, if your picture was blurry in the first place it will look even worse once you upload it to Tinder.

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Your tinder profile picture is the first thing people see. Depending on how attractive that profile picture is, they will decide whether or not to explore your profile further by reading about your desires, likes, and dislikes in your bio.

So, if you are not getting enough dates with your current Tinder profile, consider some of the following tinder profile photo errors that makes pictures to appear blurry on Tinder:

You’re Using a Pixilated Photo

When you use a pixilated profile photo your pictures will appear blurry and it’s therefore incredibly hard to tell what you really look like. People will probably swipe left on your profile if it’s blurry thinking you are a catfish or a scam. Make sure you’re using sharp pictures of high quality to boost your matches.


No matter which online dating service you use, every platform will have a limit on the dimensions of the profile picture. They will ask for a certain file size, height, and width in pixels. On Tinder, you have to use a 640×640 photo. Even if your image doesn’t have pixels, it can be distorted if you don’t pay attention to these dimensions and adhere to them. Always read the dimensional guidelines before uploading your pictures to Tinder.

Poor Lighting

If the image on your online dating profile is too bright or dark, or badly shaded, it can appear blurry. The best way to solve this problem is to make the photo in soft light neither too bright nor too dark. If you want to take your photo outside, be sure to do it when the sunlight is not too strong.

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Blurry photos

Many new photographers have problems with blurry photos. In most cases, the blurriness of the photo is caused by “camera movement”, in which the camera moves slightly when the photo is taken. The slightest movement of the camera can cause this which is why you or the person taking the photo have to be still and not shake the camera when taking the picture.

Obviously, using a tripod eliminates this problem, but not everyone has one and it is not always practical to use it. In that case, the best way to get rid of blurry photos is to learn how to firmly hold the camera with both hands.

There is no wrong or right way to hold a camera because it depends on the type of camera you are using. However, the following tips should give you a better idea of how professional photographers take pictures without blurriness.

Your middle, little, and ring finger should wrap around the camera while your thumb must hold the back of your camera. Do not press too hard since it may cause the camera to shake. The index finger of your right hand should be slightly above the shutter. When taking a photo, press the shutter, do not jab it.

Old or Bad Camera

If you are using photos taken by an iPhone 3, blurry photos should not come off as a surprise for you. It is obviously important to use a newer phone or camera to make the quality of your pictures good and as non-blurry as possible. If you can’t afford a new phone or camera you can ask a family member, relative, or friend for help. Also, if you really care about achieving success in the online dating world you should consider investing in a real SLR.

Wrong Settings

Most cameras, even digital pocket cameras, allow you to manually select various shooting “modes”. Before taking a photo you should always use the standard mode to reduce the risk of blurriness in your pictures.

Additional Tinder Dating Photo Tips:

Hire a Photographer

You can always hire someone to take the pictures for you. Some photographers even specialize in tinder dating profile pictures so take advantage of that. Also, make sure you tell him or her what you want and be sure it’s something that stands out against others on the dating site. Hiring a professional will definitely eliminate your problem of having to deal with blurry photos.Be Alone in Your Photos

Be Alone in Your Pictures

A common mistake people make when uploading their photos To Tinder is having a photo that contains other people. This is a mistake for two reasons. First, people that are looking at your profile will not immediately know who you are. Second, you may not stand out, and standing out is the key to successful Internet dating. The majority of your photos should contain one person, and that person is you.

Final Thoughts

Thus the conclusion is that there are lots of different factors that can cause your photos to appear blurry when uploading them to Tinder. If you don’t follow Tinders guidelines for resolution, you are going to notice some blurriness in your photos. Using the wrong settings, having an old camera, or shaking before taking the picture are also factors that contribute to your picture’s bad quality.

You’ve probably taken many pictures in your life, but when you review them, it’s not as you imagined. It’s too dark or too bright, or a little blurry. But don’t be harsh against yourself, that happens to everyone. You need to take a deep breath – do it one step at a time and be patient with yourself.