Why Do Guys Text Less After a While?

Do you ever wonder why guys text less after a while? Perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern where they seem super-interested in messaging you, only for that interest to drop off? 

The main reason guys text less after a while is because their interest in you has dropped, either because they’ve found someone else or they’ve lost patience in their pursuit of you. If they’ve already slept with you, they might not feel the need to message you so often.

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Below, we’ll dive deeper into these main reasons why guys text less after a while, as well as some less common reasons. 

5 Reasons Why Guys Text Less After A While 

These are the most common reasons why guys stop texting their love interests after a while. 

1. He’s Given Up

If it’s been a while since you two first started messaging and you haven’t been on a date yet, there’s every chance that this guy will lose patience. In most cases, he’ll start to get the impression that you’re not serious about meeting him and turn his attention elsewhere.  

2. He’s Found Someone Else

In this modern dating market, it’s no secret that single men and women are texting several candidates at the same time. That’s the nature of so many singles swiping on dating apps.

But, if a guy is closing in on a date with one particular woman, he might temporarily stop messaging his other leads as often, because he’s focusing his attention on sealing the deal with her. 

Also, if he starts to develop strong feelings for one woman in particular, he might lose interest in texting all the others.

3. Something Turned Him Off

In most cases, this guy will know very little about you when you first start texting. This means there’ll be plenty to talk about in the early stages of knowing each other.

The problem is: as the conversation continues, there’s every chance he’ll learn something about you that he doesn’t like. In such a situation, it’s natural for a man to text you less or to completely ghost you.

4. He’s Waiting To See How You Feel 

If a guy has been sending you lots of entertaining texts without landing a date, he might mix up his strategy. 

Upon realising that chasing you relentlessly didn’t work, he might decide to pull back and wait for you to make the next move. 

If you send the next message, he can feel reassured that you are actually interested in meeting him. If you never text him again, he can sleep easy knowing you were never that keen.

5. He Already Slept With You

There are two main reasons why a man will text a woman less after sleeping with her. 

The first reason is: he feels like he’ll be able to see you again later without having to engage in so much smalltalk. 

The second reason is: he doesn’t want to see you again. He either only wants a one-night thing, or you did something on the date that put him off. 

If you like this guy, let’s hope it’s the former option. 

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What To Do If A Guy Starts Texting You Less

This might sound obvious, but you could always be the one to message him first! 

A lot of women are taught that the guy should always be the one doing the pursuing. The thing is: a lot of guys will start to feel unwanted if they’re always the one starting the text conversations.

Eventually, they’ll lose patience, especially when another girl comes into the picture and makes it easier for him. So, don’t be afraid to send the first text if you really like this guy. 

The best topic to talk about is: meeting up.

Most guys don’t like having endless text conversations that lead nowhere. They only text to make something happen. In this case, that ‘something’ is going on a date. So, if you’re the one to suggest a date location, you can bet that will catch his attention. 

If it doesn’t, at least you know he’s definitely not interested. Once you don’t have to wonder about that anymore, you’ll be able to focus more on finding someone else.

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Final Thoughts

In this modern dating era where the top-tier guys could be texting dozens of women at the same time, it’s inevitable that some guys’ messages will drop off over time.

Hopefully, now you understand why this happens, you can prevent it from happening with the men you really care about. 

Indeed, the best way to prevent it is asking him to meet up. That way, you can both bypass the messaging and get to know each other in real life instead.