Why Do Girls Hug Guys Over The Shoulder?

Are you a guy with a special crush who keeps hugging you over the shoulder? You’re going to find out what this might mean in the guide below.

When a girl hugs a guy over the shoulder, it could be her way of showing she’s attracted to you. At the same time, it might just be a gesture of strong friendship. The only way to know for sure is to make a move and see how she reacts.

When hugging a girl always do This and I guarantee she will be attracted to you.

Below, we’ll explore 10 possible explanations of what it means when a girl hugs a guy over the shoulder.

What Does It Mean When Girls Hug Guys Over The Shoulder?

Read on for a list of the most common explanations. 

1. A Flirtatious And Seductive Move

A hug on the shoulders can be a flirtatious and seductive way to attract the attention of a man, just by him feeling her body on his back and being able to perceive the smell of her perfume. How many times have you been working or watching television only for your woman to appear out of nowhere with a hug around the shoulder and whispering cute things in your ear? How did you feel in that moment? I bet you left what you were doing to go after her.

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2. You Are Special To Her And She Wants You To Know That

Sometimes, it’s more difficult to express with words how we really feel. Sometimes, we repress these words even when we want to share our feelings. A hug might be her only way of expressing how special someone is to her. So, treasure it. Drink it in. Enjoy it.  

3.  Camaraderie 

The signs of affection between friends are very common and one of them is a hug on the shoulders. A shoulder hug does not rule out that a girl has no romantic interest in a boy.  But it does signify the trust most commonly associated with friendship. 

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4. A Sign Of Loyalty 

When a girl hugs a man on the shoulders with this intention, the message is that she is there to take care of him and support him. You can be sure that you can always count on her. This is surely a girl you can trust and feel safe even in your most vulnerable moments.

5. Marking Her Territory

By nature, a woman might hug her romantic interest in a protective way.  If another girl thought of approaching him, she may think twice after seeing a girl with her arms already around him. 

6. A Delicate Way To Dominate Him 

A hug on the shoulders can leave a man with a feeling of submission, since they are totally covering his back and arms, leaving him a bit immobilized. 

7.  She Wants His Attention 

Perhaps this girl has suffered a few failed attempts to get her man’s attention. This form of physical contact might work better. Hugging on the shoulders is a playful way to achieve the goal of her man’s attention. 

8. Her Way Of Giving You Peace Of Mind And Support

A hug is always going to be one of the best ways to comfort others. A shoulder hug is a cute and tender sign of showing empathy, while making you feel safe and accompanied. A hug like this can make you feel better than any medicine. 

9. She’s Seeking Complicity

There’s perhaps nothing more flirtatious than a hug on the shoulders when seeking complicity from another person. This type of hug might be accompanied by a mischievous look that will encourage you to follow that girl to the end of the world. If you have this feeling every time she hugs you, well you better not let that girl go. She will surely accompany you on more than one adventure.

10. A Way To Ressaure You 

If you have doubts about whether that girl thinks of you, this is the clearest sign. She wants to communicate in a non-verbal way how she thinks about you a lot and remembers the good times that have happened when you are not together. 

How To Tell What It Means When A Girl Hugs You

A lot of guys wait for a surefire ‘sign’ that their crush likes them, before deciding to make a move. This is a foolish strategy. 

Some women will show no ‘signs’ of attraction to their crush, because they’re too shy or don’t want to be seen as too easy. Also, it’s possible for men to attract a woman with their seductive personalities, even if they’re weren’t interested in a romantic connection.

So, if you’re hoping a certain woman is attracted to you, the best thing you can do is flirt with her, ask her on a date and see how she responds. At the very worst, you’ll know for sure how she feels and won’t have to waste mental energy worrying about it any longer. 

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Final Thoughts  

You now have a list of reasons why a girl may be hugging you over the shoulder.

Honestly though, the best way to discover her romantic intentions is to make a move and see how she reacts.

As the man, it’s up to you to make something happen.