What to Wear on a First Date for Drinks

Your first drink date can be a big turning point in your relationship. And one tough decisions to make is what you should wear to this date.

What to wear on a first date for drinks obviously depends on the venue of the date. But generally speaking, a casual dress is a go-to for women and a pair of trousers with a matching shirt would be suitable for men. 

So, you are dating someone whom you find interesting, and it seems that the feeling is mutual. You’ve both decided to go for a drink together and this date might be the next step in your relationship. Choosing the right outfit is important to ensure that you don’t send out the wrong message – or look out of place.

Your choice of outfit on your first drink date depends on two factors.


The venue of your date is a vital factor when it comes to choosing your clothes. Are you going to the pub or a luxury restaurant? Will it be an outdoor venue or an indoor one? The venue will make a lot of difference and you should therefore match your clothes with the atmosphere of the date.


Don’t forget to consider the season. We get it – you want to look hot. But don’t make a shivering fool of yourself by wearing a halter neck top on a winter evening.

This Is What Should You Wear on your First drinks Date

If it’s a romantic place where you know your date will bring their A-game, a dress, especially a black dress, is perfect. But if it is a more casual date, don’t dismiss the power of a cute top and fitting trousers.

Choose your colors wisely – black can be great for an after-work drink date, a romantic dinner, or even an evening in the pub. For a Sunday brunch date or an evening outdoors, pick lighter colors, combined with a dash of bright shades. Go simple with accessories, shoes, and makeup.

For men, it’s easy to get lost in a crowd of guys unless you make an effort to look good, even if it’s a casual outfit. Ditch the jeans and pick trousers that will make you stand out. You can pair it with a matching shirt with bold patterns.

You may not be interested in suiting up for your date in fear of looking overdressed; after all, you’re no Barney Stinson. But a blazer, paired with trousers, can look amazing on your first drink date. Blazers can also look great paired with jeans. You can experiment with accessories, too.

If you like dressing androgynously, wide-legged trousers are a great choice, paired with stylish jackets, blazers, waistcoats, and more. Scarves are among the most popular accessories, and your shoes, too, can take the outfit to a different level. Don’t be afraid to show off your sense of fashion on your drinks date.

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing the Right Outfit for Your First Drink Date

You see, there’s no one-size-fits-all outfit formula for choosing the right outfit for your first date for drinks. You have to choose clothes to suit your personality and make sure that they match the mood and the ambiance of the venue of your date. However, there are some basic Dos and Don’ts you should follow when choosing your drink date outfit.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts of choosing what to wear on the first date for drinks –

DO choose comfort.

People take advice from friends and end up feeling weird about showing too much skin or wearing something that they hate. So prioritize comfort and wear something that feels good on you.

If you think your usual fashion sense is not appropriate for the venue, match your favorite clothes with the appropriate clothes and accessories to suit the ambiance. Dates can make you nervous but if you feel comfortable in your clothes you will probably feel less nervous.

DO Make an Effort.

While it’s essential to choose something you’re comfortable in, don’t give up altogether. It’s going to be a turn-off if you just pick up some old unclean clothes from the dump on “the chair” in the room. In most cases, people spend hours choosing clothes when they have to go for a drink at a luxurious place. But if it’s a casual drink date, they tend to be more spontaneous – and often, a little careless. If you turn up looking too casual, your date might think that you’re not interested at all.

DO Express Yourself.

A drink date with a person you like is the perfect opportunity to let go of all your nervousness and have fun. Yes, alcohol will do its part, but so will your clothes in giving you the right kind of confidence from within. So. choose clothes that reflect your personality.

DON’T Ignore Clean and Unwrinkled Clothes.

Even if you meet your date at the end of a tiring day, you can’t afford to go in smelly with wrinkled clothes. They can be unattractive and kill all chances of you getting lucky for the night. If you’re going to the date from work, change into your date clothes before leaving.

DON’T Ignore the Casuals

Jeans, T-shirts, and trainers don’t have to be dismissed entirely, especially if it’s a brunch or a casual date. Jeans and T-shirts are fun and versatile, and you can accessorize them for a dressy edge in minutes with a blazer and a pair of boots. You can also wear trailers with a cute dress to create a fun look.

DON’T Forget the Small Things.

It’s not enough to worry about the clothes alone. Yes, they are the most difficult to pick but don’t ignore your shoes, jewelry, wristwatch, makeup, bags, and more.

Final Words

You see, dates can either be fun or nerve-racking. But mostly, they are a little bit of both, especially when you have the anticipation of getting intimate due to lowered inhibition levels at the back of your mind. Your clothes should not add to the pressure of the date. Instead, they should express who you are.

The truth is, there’s no fixed set of clothes that can work for everyone. It depends on many things – but mostly you. No matter how the date goes, your partner will have a memory of you looking stunning!