What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Fall or Summer

What to wear on a coffee date in fall or summer depends on the clothes you already have in your collection and what they represent. Also, when you are going on a date, you need to remember how you want to appear in front of your potential lover. Then, based on that idea, you can choose an outfit to go for. Ask yourself this one question, “what do you want him to think about you?”

We have made a full list of 30 outfits to wear on a coffee date in fall or summer. Click HERE to see how all the outfits look.

Note: Choose outfits that you feel comfortable wearing and not because I told you so. When you are going on dates or any special events, it’s important to look confident, and you can’t look confident when you take other people’s advice without actually liking it.

Comfort Is the KEY!

When I talk about ‘date,’ the first thing that comes to my mind is a new love interest. But a potential boyfriend or girlfriend is not the only person who you can date. You can schedule a catch-up with an old friend or a family member, and it’s a date too. And when it means catching up over a cup of coffee, you can expect a more relaxing environment. Also, you will have many outfit options unfolding in front of you. Now you have to pick keeping comfort in mind.

Choose anything that is casual and also makes you look stylish. For example, you can dress up with casual jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a denim jacket over a cute top. It’s a fine outfit idea for a coffee date in fall. But if it’s summer, then lose the denim jacket, and you are good to go.

Can I give you any advice here? Choose your outfits on the day before your date so that you don’t panic over what to wear. But to help you get over your “I’ve got nothing to wear!” situation, check out some cool summer outfit ideas for a coffee date.

6 Style Tips to Glam up Your Look on the Next Coffee Date!

It can get a little confusing when choosing an outfit for your summer coffee date because you want to keep things casual but also don’t want to look like a homeless lady; if you are willing to get a little too dressy, save that idea for your next dinner date.

1. Go All Denim

Denim is the right thing to wear on a coffee date, at least I think so. You can wear a denim-overall (dungaree) with a nice top beneath, or you can go for a denim jacket and jeans. A pair of white sneakers match both of the ideas. But if you are a high-heels girl, don’t be afraid to express yourself by wearing some. If it’s too hot in the summer, wearing a jacket might not be the coolest idea. So, you can find a denim top half-sleeve to complement your overall look. As per the jewelry pieces, keep it as simple as you can. Perhaps a single pendant with a simple chain will go well with your overall dress. You can add a sling bag and a Rolex watch to make yourself look simple but classy.

As per makeups, go make up free as I would suggest. But a little bit of red lipstick and eyeliner won’t ruin your impression.

2. Choose Floral or Polka for Your First Coffee Date in Fall

You can wear a floral or polka dress during any season, and it works great as a coffee date outfit as it serves a simple but cute look. Choose short, mid-length, or maxi dresses with sneakers or a pair of heels for a coffee meeting. You can also add some minimalist jewelry to replenish the look. Again, you can wear a wristwatch if you want. The color of your dress depends on your mood or whatever it is that you have in your wardrobe. You can also try colors that match your skin tone. For example, royal blue, black, white, and several other colors are perfect for all skin tones. You can go for sleeveless or half-sleeve as per your choice, and if you can’t see a floral or polka dress in your wardrobe, perhaps you have a top that matches the style. Still, if you don’t have a top, a mini skirt will do the job. You can add your denim or leather jacket to the look if it’s winter.

If you are wearing a top, you can complement it with high-waist jeans of a matching color. Whenever you choose extra accessories like a belt or a sling bag, or even a pair of boots, make sure that they go well with the colors of your dress.

3. Slay in Black

During the fall season, you will have so many outfit ideas than you can think of right now. For example, putting on black jeans with a black or white t-shirt is enough to make him drop-dead. If it starts to get a little cold in the evening, you can add a black leather jacket and make yourself more comfortable. You can look pretty on a mini length shirt dress too, as long as you wear it with ultimate sophistication. There are a variety of things you can wear on a coffee date but choose stuff that fits your body type. Avoid choosing things that are trending. Of course, you can wear trendy clothes, but I personally think that they don’t convey any personality. You can wear a black playsuit or jumpsuit with pencil heels or strappy sandals. Also, if you didn’t know, black mini dresses are really pretty to wear on casual coffee dates.

However, if you are going for a cup of coffee on a sunny day in summer, a black dress may not be the best thing to wear. In that case, you can go for short black dresses that also have polkas or graphics in it.

4. Throw on a Blazer Above Shorts and Tees

Take some stylish winter outfit ideas from Taylor Swift. Do you like to wear shorts? Then you can match it up with your cute tees or a crop top and throw on a blazer. A chequered blazer will go well with denim shorts and white tees. But if you can’t find those colors, that’s okay. Find a black blazer and a maroon-colored bandeau bra. Pair it with denim or maroon color shorts and put on your cute black strappy heels. High-knee boots also work the best with these types of outfits. But if you are not feeling too bold to wear a blazer above only a bra, you can put on a modest t-shirt above it and still rock the look.

Usually, this classy outfit idea does not need any jewelry to fill up, but a wristwatch or a brooch will make everything more interesting. There are so many places where you can pin up a brooch, including your hat, side pocket of the blazer you are wearing, and your shorts’ pocket too. But wearing a brooch around your side pocket is the most common way to go.

5. Keep it Light for a Really Hot Day

Is it too hot out there? Leave your hair open and put on a white or other light-colored off-shoulder or crop top and denim shorts underneath. Whether you like shorts or mini skirts, choose tops that will flatter the style and not anything that is too bulky. Summer jumpsuits are also a good choice as a coffee date outfit when paired with pencil heels. You can also wear classy silhouettes and throw on a lightweight jacket to achieve a sexy look. Tip: whenever you are trying to wear silhouettes or jumpsuits, make sure you have the right footwear for that. A bad footwear idea can ruin the whole outfit. When in doubt, put on a pair of white sneakers. They never fail any style. Moreover, a jumpsuit or silhouette is fine for any season.

6. Don’t Think That Sweaters are Outdated

A cropped sweater or cardigan and warm and comfy scarves are fashionable enough for the winter season. Though you can’t wear them during the summer, you can try a denim jacket in summer instead. Choose the color of your sweater carefully, as they should go well with the color of your dress or outfit. Wear a pair of knee-high or ankle boots of any color between black to brown.

Most Importantly, Wear Your Confidence

Any outfit idea will go in vain if you don’t wear it with confidence and a smile. So, forget about the atmosphere and even the person, in case he turns out to be too annoying. Just enjoy yourself and tell us in the comment box which look won the game for you? Stay connected, stay stylish, and of course, keep dating.