What to Talk About on Facetime With a Girl

Welcome to your ultimate guide for what to talk about with a girl on FaceTime.

Some key topics to talk about on a FaceTime call with a girl are personal information about yourself, hobbies, etc, and her plans for the upcoming weekend. You should also ask questions about her and find out the best time and place to meet up for a date. 

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Read on for more detailed advice to ensure your Facetime conversation with a girl goes well, including conversation topics you should avoid.  

Why You Should FaceTime A Girl You Like

It’s easier to know what to talk about with a girl on Facetime, once you know why it’s a good idea to FaceTime a girl you like.

The purpose of calling a girl on FaceTime is to get to know each other better, so that she’s more excited to meet you in person.

  • A phone call is far more powerful for building emotional connections than texting because the woman hears the subtleties and emotion in your voice. 
  • A video call – whether it’s through FaceTime or another app – goes one step further, as you get to see the emotion in each other’s faces.    

The thing is: a lot of guys won’t even attempt to video call girls they have just met, either because they’re too nervous to do it or too stupid to understand the benefits.

So, if you’re brave and smart enough to set this up, this can give you an advantage over all the other guys trying to date her.

Of course, you can organize FaceTime calls with girls who you’ve known for a while, but they’re most advantageous if you’ve just met, just matched on a dating app, or just started chatting on social media.

What To Talk About With a Girl on FaceTime

Now that you know the ultimate purpose of a FaceTime call, let’s explore some good conversation topics.


Maybe you’re already sold on this girl because she’s just that hot. Even so, it’s a good idea to ask her questions to screen what type of personality she has.

Here’s a good exercise for all men to complete. Write down five non-physical traits that your dream woman would have. 

Now, whenever you’re getting to know a girl, ask her questions that’ll reveal whether she has these traits. You don’t have to make the call seem like a job interview. Ask her in a fun light-hearted way. This will help you realize if this is the type of girl you’d like to date. 

And, even if you’re too bothered about her personality, it at least creates the impression that you’re a guy with standards.

That’s important for women. If you give the impression you’re already sold on her, you take away the thrill of the chase. That’s half the fun for her! And she’ll often lose interest if there’s no challenge. 

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Your hobbies 

Hopefully, she’ll be engaged enough to ask questions about you.

But, if there’s something you really want to share about yourself, go ahead and do it. 

She’s not going to be excited to meet you, unless she finds out what you’re all about.  

Hopefully, you also discover that you have some hobbies and interests in common. That’s always a great sign that the two of you are likely to get along.   

Where does she like to go? What does she do for fun?

This technically counts as ‘screening’, but it’s important to ask this, so you can suggest a date activity she’ll enjoy.

If you have a certain venue in mind to meet, ask if she’s been there. If she hasn’t, feel free to go on a rant about how awesome it is, so she’s excited to go there with you.    

Her plans for the upcoming days

The ultimate goal of the FaceTime call should be to arrange the best time and place to meet up. To do that, you’ll need to find out what she’s doing in the upcoming days. So, ask her.

It’s best to arrange a date as near in the future as possible. This reduces the chances of her losing enthusiasm, or something more important getting in the way. 

Your Vibe Is Just As Important As Your Conversation Topics

An important difference between FaceTime and texting is that she’s going to get a better impression of your overall vibe.

She’s going to sense if you have confidence in your words. In many ways, this is more important than the actual conversation topics you have. 

When a woman thinks about a man, she mostly considers how he makes her feel. 

So, make an effort to enjoy yourself, have fun, be light-hearted, crack some jokes and not take the conversation too seriously. 

This will help her to relax and enjoy herself too. 

On top of that, try to LOOK your best and make sure the room behind you is tidy. First impressions matter, even if they’re virtual.   

What NOT To Talk About With a Girl on FaceTime

These pointers apply to texting and real-life conversations too. These conversation topics won’t get you any closer to a date with your dream woman, and may even put her off you entirely.

Anything That’s Not To Do With You or Her

If you’re not talking about yourself or her, it’s not going to make her any more attracted to you. We call this smalltalk. It’s talking for the sake of talking.

Classic useless smalltalk topics include the weather, celebrities, TV, and films or the news.

If the conversation does stray into smalltalk territory, ask what she thinks about it or tell her what you think about it. That way, you go back to learning about each other.

Previous Dates 

A common question that online dating users like to ask is: “How’s Tinder been treating you?” or something similar.

This is a terrible question to ask a woman. 

She’ll either be reminded of an amazing date she had with someone else. Or how online dating is horrible and most men on it are clueless. Neither of these memories are doing you any favors. 

If she asks you a question like this, it’s best to suggest that there are plenty of girls, but most of them don’t seem to have much of a personality. This paints you as a guy with high standards who gets plenty of female attention. Then, move the conversation onto something more relevant and useful. Don’t be lured into telling her about specific dates you’ve had with other girls… 

Previous Relationships

Again, this is something neither of you need to know about, until things become more serious. Your previous relationships ended because they turned out badly, so why bring them into a blossoming new romance?

There’s no good that can come of this. 


A FaceTime conversation with a girl you like should be light-hearted and fun. When you complain about something, even ironically, it drags down the mood of everyone in the vicinity. Why would she be excited to meet up if you’re already complaining about stuff and killing the vibe on FaceTime?

Here’s a great rule to obey throughout life: Only complain to people who can fix the problem.

How Long Should A FaceTime Call Last?

There is no defined amount of time that makes a good FaceTime call.

However, you should aim to give a big enough sample of your personality for her to be excited about meeting you. Ideally, you’ll also have arranged a time and place to meet up before you hang up. 

Provided you’ve done that, feel free to end the call whenever it feels comfortable to do so. There’s nothing wrong with saving some conversation topics for a face-to-face date. 

FaceTime In Long-Distance Relationships

FaceTime is an invention that has definitely helped to make long-distance relationships more fulfilling.

Before, long-distance couples may have had to go months or years without smiling at one another. The widespread availability of video calls makes life slightly more bearable for people in relationships like this.  

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can honestly talk about whatever you want on FaceTime. 

After all, there’s no agenda other than catching up. You’re not trying to meet. You’re not trying to make her like you better. So, relax and say whatever is on your mind. 

Final Thoughts

FaceTime is a great tool to help convince women to meet you.

By following these conversation topic suggestions, you’ll maximize the chances of landing a date off the back of this call. 

Best of luck!