How to Respond to Make Me

When someone says “Make me” it is a flirtatious advance and you should take it as an opportunity to make a move. The person saying “Make me” is obviously comfortable around you and usually wants you to take the first step and go in for a kiss.

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Dating is great. It’s a way to meet people and achieve a level of intimacy that you’re looking for and as you’re advancing through the stages, flirting will eventually become a thing you have to do. This is the fun part because you are expressing your attraction to the person you’re talking to. It can, however, get difficult to get the right response. You want it to be the right mix of flirty, sensual, and appropriate for the moment. This is

How to Respond to “Make Me”

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What do you do when they say “Make me.” It’s a tricky situation to be in. We’re going to be breaking up this situation between if this happens in person and over text.


If you’re with someone and things are getting a little heated then they say “Make me.” This is an invitation to advance the situation. For example, if you are with a girl and you want her to take her shirt off and she says “Make me.” Consent has been established and this is an invitation. At this point, you should go to her and kiss her neck or do something that would get her in the mood to do it. Do not physically make her do it. That would be a misinterpretation. It’s the start of an interaction and she has just given you permission to make a move. Take advantage of it and have a good time.

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Over Text

If you’re texting someone and they hit you with the classic “Make me.” They are looking forward to a flirty set of exchanges and it could potentially lead to sexting which is always a fun thing to do. This is your chance to start a hot conversation.

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Let’s say someone throws that line at you and you’re too busy to turn it into a physical interaction but you have a little time to have a saucy conversation. That is perfectly fine. With sexting, you have to talk a big game but be careful not to oversell yourself because you will be expected to follow up in person and you don’t want to let someone down as that could create an issue in a relationship. A good response to give that would turn this into sexting could be “If I was there, I could make you do many things.” This is a message that is saying “I want to make this conversation into something more.” and if they are willing they might reply with something along the lines of “What would you do?” or “I don’t think you could.” which both convey that sexting is about to occur.

Turning This Line Into a Sexual Encounter

If someone says that line, you should reply with something engaging and sexy. For example, if someone says it, you could reply “Come over and we’ll see what happens.” This is a nice line that turns texting into the possibility of something physical happening. Another line that could be good to use is “I’ll make you next time I see you.” Which has the potential to turn the next time you see someone into a fun time for everyone.

Final Thoughts

If someone says “Make me.” It is a clear sign that something is about to happen. You want to give a reply that initiates something more if that’s the direction you want to take it. You want to give a reply that says something flirty and frisky.