What to Do When a Guy Flirts With Your Girlfriend

When a guy flirts with your girlfriend try to remain calm and inform your girl that the flirting is bothering you. You should also let the man know that the girl he is flirting with is your girlfriend. Most men will apologize and walk away when such a thing happens.

How do you feel when you realize that another guy is flirting with your girlfriend? Most men will become insecure and begin to develop mistrust with their girlfriends when such a thing happens. Other men will begin flirting with other girls to make their girlfriends feel jealous. However, this should never be the case. You have to find better ways to deal with the situation at hand.

The following tips are some of the things that you can do when a guy flirts with your girlfriend.

Speak With Your Girlfriend

First of all, you need to inform your girlfriend that the flirting is bothering you. But you have to wait for the appropriate time to talk to her. Most men will do it when they are angry, and therefore, they will come across as confrontative and that’s not good. You should therefore talk to her when each of you is calm and relaxed so that she doesn’t feel like you are attacking her. Be honest with her and tell her how you feel about her being flirted with by another guy, especially when you are with her. if she is flirting back with the guy you need to let her know that if the relationship is going to work she has to stop with what she is doing.

Talk to the Man

Talk to the guy after you are sure of what is happening. You could choose to speak with him in a private area like the men’s room. However, despite the pain that the man has inflicted in your heart, you should remain calm during the whole interaction and not create a scene or even provoke the man.

When speaking to the man, the main goal is to let him know that the girl he has been flirting with is your girlfriend. You may find a good guy that will apologize and back off, but at times, others will not apologize, nor will they back off. If they disrespect you the best thing you can do is to just walk away and show the guy that you have better things to do.

Control Your Feelings

When a guy is flirting with your girlfriend, it can make you feel jealous, angry, and sad at the same time. It’s obviously hard but try to focus on your girlfriend and your relationship instead of getting provoked. As long as she doesn’t flirt back you have nothing to worry about.

Oftentimes when a man realizes that a guy is flirting with his girlfriend, he lashes out at her or begins to argue about the situation. Instead of lashing out at her or even arguing with her, make sure to be calm and assertive at the same time. So, when you notice the flirting go up to your girlfriend and hold her hand, stand near her, or even kiss her. This will let the man know that the girl he is flirting with is your girlfriend.

Being calm is extremely important because you don’t know how the man will behave when he is intimidated. You may be aggressive to a man who likes to square up, and this could make the two of you get into an unnecessary fight.

Interrupt When the Man Begins to Flirt With Her

When you realize that a man is flirting with your girlfriend, come up with a reason to pull her away from him. For instance, you could tell her that someone wants to talk to her or that you would like to talk to her and cannot wait. By doing this, the guy will not have a chance to be with your girlfriend, and therefore they will not be flirting.

Be Affectionate

Most men that are flirting with women are looking to get laid. And the guy flirting with your girlfriend is probably looking for the same thing. So, showing affection to your girlfriend will therefore let the guy know she is not available. You can kiss her, talk to her affectionately or even put an arm around her. If you are in a bar or club, you could even dance with her.

Focus More on Your Girlfriend

There are so many reasons why a girl can never resist a man who is flirting with her even if she has a boyfriend. One of the things being because she is bored with her relationship, or her boyfriend maybe distanced himself from her. She might be tempted to flirt back because she feels like there is a missing piece in the relationship.

So instead of getting upset about the whole situation try to focus on your girlfriend. Attend to all her needs and make sure she is happy all the time. If you have been distancing yourself from her because there has been some misunderstanding or issues between the two of you, you need to come up with a solution to that.

Limit the Amount of Time Your Girl Spends With the Guy

At times, the person who is flirting with your girlfriend is a man with whom she spends quality time. Therefore, this makes your girlfriend more vulnerable.

In case the guy works in your favorite coffee shop or a spot that you love hanging out with your girlfriend, you have to select other venues to be around. This ensures that she spends less time with the man that has been flirting with her. You can also begin spending more quality alone time with your girlfriend so that she gets reminded of how much you care about her.

Final Thoughts

It may not be easy to deal with a situation where a man is eying on your girlfriend. If you begin fighting as many men do, you will probably end up losing your girlfriend, and you may regret it for the rest of your life. So, instead of lashing out, follow the reliable tips above when you realize that a guy is getting a little bit too comfortable around your girlfriend.