What to Do If a Girl Suddenly Stops Replying

In this article, you’ll learn what to do if a girl suddenly stops replying to your messages. Keep reading.

If a girl suddenly stops replying to your messages, do not send another message for 24 hours. If she still doesn’t respond, make a joke about her not replying, or send her a ping text. Whatever you do, don’t ever appear as if you were desperately waiting for her response. 

It’s a simple strategy, but it’s effective. We’ll explore it in more depth below.

What You Should Do if a Woman Stops Replying

Here’s your step-by-step guide. 

Step 1. Don’t Panic  

It’s normal to think she’s not replying because of something you said. The truth is: there are hundreds of other potential reasons. Perhaps something happened in her real life that needed her immediate attention. Maybe she got an exciting notification or a phone call. It could be that she fell asleep. 

Either way, the worst thing you can do is to appear desperate to hear back from her. Desperation is the worst quality a man could ever show a woman.  

So, for 24 hours at least, don’t send her another message. In many cases, she will reply within that time frame. 

The exception to this rule is if you were discussing something time-sensitive, like a date later that day. In this case, try and call her as soon as it becomes clear that she has taken too long to respond.

Step 2. Make A Joke About Her Not Replying 

It’s possible to nudge her to reply to you without looking desperate. Here are some examples of some light-hearted texts you can send.

“Dropped your phone down the toilet?”

“Divorcing me already?”

“Lost for words?”

“It’s a difficult question, I know.”

“Have you been kidnapped? Should I send a search party?”

These responses would all work fantastically well when followed by a wink emoji, so she can tell you’re joking. Remember, don’t send anything like this until you’ve been 24 hours with no reply.

Step 3. Send a Ping Text

A ‘ping text’ is the best way to reignite a dead conversation without looking needy or desperate. It’s named after the alerts that a computer sends to its software to check that it’s still awake.

The key elements of a ping text are:

  • It’s fun and entertaining
  • It doesn’t ask a question.  

The best ping texts are about something fun that’s going on in your life. Ideally, they communicate the message: “I saw this and thought of you”. 

You can find examples of ping texts in this guide.

A great thing about ping texts is that you can send another one a few days later, then another one and another, without ever looking too desperate, because ping texts never ask for a response. You’re just sharing fun. 

In many cases, one will land in her inbox at just the right time and she’ll be excited to reply.

Step 4. Continue Living a Great Life Without Her

Honestly, I used to give up on texting women after 2-3 unanswered ping texts. At this point, I’d recommend you focus on other women and living a great life without this one. 

If you’re regularly posting about your amazing lifestyle on Instagram and you were smart enough to ask this woman to follow you, she’ll often reappear in your DMs once she spots the awesomeness she’s missing out on.

In fact, your Instagram stories can serve as ping texts for every woman you’ve ever met, because none of them ask for a reply from any specific person.

Once I got good at crafting attractive Instagram content, I found I never needed to send ping texts to individual women. Instead, they’d usually just reply to my stories and I’d continue the conversation from there.

You can learn more about using Instagram to boost your dating life by reading Sonny Arvado’s book ‘Instagods’.

Step 5. Don’t Mention That She Stopped Replying

If she does get back to you, don’t mention her huge delay in replying. You’ll present a better image of yourself if it looks like you weren’t desperately waiting for her response. Remember, desperation is the least attractive quality you could ever show a woman.  

You Can Avoid Being Ghosted by Sending Better Messages

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Final Thoughts

It’s not nice being ghosted by a woman you were trying to date. The worst part might be that feeling where you felt like you did something wrong, but don’t know what.

The good news is: it’s possible to reignite dying conversations, and you now have a step-by-step guide for doing so.

Use it wisely.