What Is Too Old for a 19-Year-Old to Date?

Generally speaking, a 35-year-old would be the social boundary for a 19-year-old to date. Anyone over the age of 35 would be considered a bit too old. If you are dating someone much older than yourself remember to communicate with your partner and assure that the age gap is not an issue.

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Considering to date an older guy or girl sometimes feels conflicting. You liked him or her but you might be afraid to tell your friends that you are dating someone quite older than you.

For some people, age is simply a number, while some find it utterly shameful when an age gap is substantial between two people. So how do you decide the correct age for your partner when you are 19 years old? Here are some of the easy ways.

Creepiness rule

The creepiness rule says that at the age of 19 the oldest person you can date is 24 years old. This is calculated by first subtracting seven from your age and then doubling it. Likewise, the youngest you can date is half your age plus seven. This means you can date a 16-year-old guy or girl.

However, these are just social norms and therefore you don’t always have to follow this rule. At the age of 19, the creepiness rule can be viewed as too lenient to decide how young or old people you are allowed to date. Take the rule with a pinch of salt and don’t let the norm tell you your dating partner’s age.

Different Perspectives

If you are starting a committed relationship, it is always a good idea to consider fewer age gaps. In such a relationship, it is always beneficial to have someone with the same level of maturity.

However, at the age of 19, most people are not looking for a committed relationship. If that is the case, then you can easily ignore the age gap and date someone quite older or more mature than you. This means that it can be accepted to date someone who is between 20-35 years old. But someone older than 35 would be considered a little too old.

Also, remember that different cultures have different outlooks on the age gap. Asian and Middle-east cultures usually prefer a committed relationship between younger women and older men. On the contrary, western societies grant freedom to everyone which enables people to choose their partner.

Expect judgment

Keep in mind that society definitely judges a relationship as ‘too young’ or ‘too old’ when a huge gap between a couple exists. So, even at the age of 19, you have to be prepared for some judgment. It is because people have different age preferences when it comes to dating. While dating an older man, be prepared to be called a gold-digger. And when dating an older woman, expect to be seen as a cougar. However, the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied in your relationship. As long as you are interested in your dating partner and he or she in you, don’t let the age gap hold you back to date someone.

Age and maturity

It is a well-known fact that age and maturity go hand in hand. But this is not always true. Sometimes, older guys can be immature, while you can find younger ones on the right track. It is simply a matter of attitude and interest.

On the other hand, you could argue that if you really wish to have a mature dating partner who genuinely loves and cares for you then it is more suitable to go for an older boyfriend or girlfriend. Girls do for example not always want a too serious or mature guy. But at 19 years of age, you are mature enough to make a wise decision to choose whom to date and what age.

Value your happiness

Yes, always remember that your happiness is far more important than your age. There are plenty of men and women who are miserable being single in their 20s. On the other hand, some are contented being single even in their 50s.

Don’t forget that one always looks for pleasure and joy in a relationship. It is still ok to date someone quite older or younger than you until you are finding happiness in the relationship. Don’t let society or age hold you back from dating a person you are happy and satisfied with.

You are the best one who knows what you want from a relationship and whatnot. So, simply find a dating partner irrespective of age and always prioritize your happiness.

Age does not define interests

Well, yes! Don’t do the mistake and think that age is related to the interests and ambitions a person has in life. Society often defines hobbies according to age as well. But you do not have to choose your dating partner keeping in mind the interests they have. It is quite possible that a 19-year-old does not like sports while anyone quite older has sports as a hobby. You both can have different hobbies or ambitions, obviously irrespective of your partner’s age.

Communicate enough

Dating an older or younger partner at 19 is all your choice, but one thing to keep in mind is having strong communication with your dating partner. If you and your partner have a huge age gap, then it is not a secret that your relationship can be a little tricky.

But, as rightly said, nothing is impossible! Communication plays a key role in a relationship. You can always deal with the haters by keeping all communication channels open with your partner.

All you need to do is talk openly with each other and ensure that age difference will not be an issue in your relationship. The more you talk, the more you bond with your dating partner, and the relationship becomes stronger.

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Love, love, and love!

Can you believe that love helps you to live longer? Eating right and exercising often is obviously important for living a healthy life, but love plays an equally important role. Being in a relationship and dating someone is really a wonderful feeling which contributes to happiness. So if you find someone who is quite older than you ignore the age gap and prioritize your happiness instead.

Being married is irrelevant if you do not love your partner. Enjoying life and being in a relationship with whom you want is what leads to a stress-free life. It also reduces anxiety and the probability of any comorbid health conditions.

Final words

So, let’s say that age is only a number that stops you from being happy. Dating a guy or girl with more or less age gap is simply your personal choice. You and your partner will never face any problems if you are committed to each other regardless of your age difference.

So, don’t hold yourself back from dating someone simply because of one factor; age. At the end of the day, you and your dating partner know if the relationship is right or not!