What Does It Mean When a Girl Texts You First?

Are you wondering what it means when a girl texts you first? Does it really mean she likes you, or is it more complicated than that? 

If a girl texts you first, it usually means that she likes you and is hoping to meet up. However, on some occasions, it could also mean she’s bored and just wants attention. It might also mean that she needs specific information from you. 

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Read on to learn how to tell when a girl who texts you first wants to meet you, or if she just wants some male validation. 

What to Know About When a Girl Texts You First

It’s not a woman’s nature to take the lead when it comes to dating. Leading is a masculine quality. Not only do most women not have this quality, but they also mostly want someone who does have it. 

Now, add the fact that women hate the idea of being romantically rejected, even more so than men. Plus, the fact that all beautiful women (and even most average women) are overwhelmed by the amount of men sliding in their DMs. This should give you an idea why it’s so rare for women to text men first.

So, if she is texting you first, it’s kind of a big deal. In most cases, it means you’re top of her priorities and she wants to meet up with you above any other guy.

There’s rarely a need to engage in meaningless chit-chat when a girl texts you first. You’re better off arranging to meet her as soon as possible, as this is what she wants in most cases. 

How to Know if She’s Just Seeking Attention

Male attention is the primary currency for most beautiful women. Many women use it to judge their value in society. It’s why so many young women are obsessed with social media these days.

So, it’s possible this woman is texting you first because she’s feeling low on attention from high-value men, and needs a validation top-up. 

There’s a super-easy way to tell if she’s looking to meet up or if she just wants attention: arrange to meet up with her. 

Skip the smalltalk. Get straight to the point. If she says she can’t meet up, you can be confident that she’s just looking for attention. 

At that point, you really should stop messaging her. A high-value man shouldn’t have time to waste messaging a woman who has no interest in meeting him. You could use that time messaging women who are genuinely interested in you. Better yet, you could be chasing a deeper purpose in life. 

Being this woman’s ‘texting buddy’ will rarely boost your odds of meeting her in the future. In fact, leaving her on read might sometimes encourage her to chase your attention more. Ultimately, it could inspire her to meet up with you.  

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Sometimes, She Genuinely Just Wants To Know Something 

On occasion, a girl will text you first because she actually needs some information, and nothing else.

When this is the case, she will usually state what she wants in her opening message. On the other hand, if she wants to meet up or just wants attention, she’ll often open with “Hiiii”, “How Are You?” or something similarly pointless.

It’s possible that a girl will ask for some information as an excuse to start chatting with you. In this case, she’ll make an effort to continue the conversation after she gets the information she needs.

Again, the best way to see if this woman wants to meet up is to invite her somewhere. 

How To Encourage A Girl To Text You First

The best way to encourage a girl to text you first is by posting fun high-value content on social media.

When you post a cool or interesting story on Instagram for example, this gives the women that already like you an excuse to reach out. 

When done right, it also gives more evidence of how awesome and fun your life is. This will often inspire the women who weren’t exactly sold on you to start a conversation too.   

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Final Thoughts

When a girl texts you first, it usually means she wants to meet up. 

With that said, I hope you’re now more familiar with the signs she’s looking for attention.

More importantly, I hope you understand why it’s important not to waste your precious time texting back and forth with these women.