What Do Girls Do With Guys’ Hoodies?

Are you wondering why girls are so keen to keep guys hoodies? What do they do with them?

Girls like to sleep with guys’ hoodies. They keep them as souvenirs to remind them of the special men in their lives. They want to keep you in mind, but they might also like the design and want to stay warm without buying a hoodie of their own.

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We’ll explore some more reasons why girls love guys’ hoodies below. Our list contains the 10 most common things that girls like to do with guys’ hoodies.  

1. They Keep It As a Souvenir

Women like to keep in mind the unique moments they have lived with you. Perhaps after an incredible trip where they camped and appreciated the stars, you notice you’re missing that sweatshirt you wore throughout the journey. She will keep that sweatshirt with that sentimental value of everything you shared in that great experience.

2. They Want To Keep You In Mind

Even though many guys don’t really like the idea that girls keep some of their clothes, please know that they don’t do it with bad intentions and much less try to make you uncomfortable. Sweatshirts are their favorite since it is the most worn by men, it makes them look attractive and increases their desire to hug you to feel your warmth. When they keep one of your sweatshirts it is accompanied by the sensation they experience when they are with you. 

3. They Want To Remember Your Scent 

By nature, smell plays an important role in matters of love. Some research has shown that women can feel safer and more relaxed, when keeping in mind the aroma of their partner. It can even reduce their stress levels and give them the feeling of being closer and connected with her man. If you are a boy who also loves to use aftershave when you see her, your aroma combined with your favorite perfume will be like anesthesia for her. She surely loves the aroma and since it is a short-lived delight, she’ll surely need another dose and take another one of your jumpers.

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4. She Covers Herself From The Cold 

How could she not keep your favorite sweatshirt when it is the most comfortable and excellent for warming her body. Surely your favorite sweatshirt is also hers to cover herself from the cold, either at home or during a leisurely walk in a park. 

5. It’s Part Of Her Wardrobe

Unisex is in style. As part of the new fashion trends, we already see women adding men’s clothes to their closet. Now, this is the perfect for your woman to take over your sweatshirts. For her, it is the ideal garment to add a comfortable and cool touch to her style. 

6. She Sleeps With Them 

On cold and rainy nights, do not doubt that your sweatshirt is part of your girl’s pajamas. She’ll stay at home protecting herself from the weather and wearing it to sleep, giving herself the feeling that you are by her side hugging and giving her warmth and protection. Even more so, if she has several days without seeing you, it is a way of keeping you present in her nights and dreams. She just wants to miss you less without forgetting you.

7. She Wants To Get Your Attention 

If you notice that one of your favorite sweatshirts appears in the hands of your girl, it is surely a way to get your attention and flirt.  For some men, seeing their crush with their favorite sweatshirt on can be a somewhat seductive and tender moment, especially if she’s not wearing anything else.  

8. She Wants To Simulate Your Company

This is an easy but significant way for ker to keep you present in her day to day life. With your favorite sweatshirt, she will always feel your company.  Surely, every time she thinks of you or misses you she will go in search of your sweatshirt. 

9. She Loves The Design of Your Sweatshirt

If your sweatshirt has a great print of some comic or character that she loves, be careful because it will surely disappear from your closet. Maybe your sweatshirt has a great print of some band, comic or character that she loves. It’s great that you’ve found a girl who shares your tastes, but the sad news is you can be sure to never see this hoodie again. 

10. Emotional Cleansing

You may not like this last point very much. But most of the time, when a relationship ends, the main victims of girls’ emotional release are the sweatshirt. It reminds them so much of the boys who broke their hearts. In the worst case, they throw them away along with everything else that reminds them of that boy. Some girls even burn them, give them away or use them to cover their pets from the cold in their efforts to heal a broken heart. 

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Final Thoughts

Women can be an enigma to a lot of guys. Their obsession with stealing hoodies is just one of many things that confuse men.

Hopefully, you’re now a little more clued up on the various reasons why your hoodies end up in women’s wardrobes. 

As you may have noticed, nine of the ten reasons were extremely positive. This woman who steals your hoodie does it out of love.