11 Signs That She Secretly Wants You

Are you wondering whether your crush likes you? Do you want to know the signs she secretly wants you?

If a woman secretly wants you, you’ll notice she always wants to be around you, she’s always smiling and she’s very touchy-feely. Even when she’s not around, she’s constantly texting you or making you a part of her social media profiles.  

In the guide below, we’ll explore these signs on a deeper level. We’ll also take a look at a few more giveaway signs that a woman really loves you. By the time you’re finished with this article, you should be in no doubt as to this woman’s feelings. 

11 Signs That A Woman Secretly Wants you

The more of these signs you spot, the more confident you can be that a woman secretly has feelings for you.

1. You’ll See It In Her Eyes

Women might be able to hide their feelings through actions, but her eyes will always reveal the truth. This is why the eyes are called the windows to the soul. 

A sparkle in her eyes can reveal the feelings that that special girl feels for you. If you pay attention, you’ll be able to perceive what she is really trying to show you. A look with a special and spontaneous shine will reveal a sweet girl’s feelings for you. It shows that your company makes even the most mundane moments happy for her. 

Does she give you a somewhat evasive look with a blink a little faster than normal? This suggests she’s perhaps a little shyer than normal and that brief eye contact with you causes her a little nervousness. Still, those nerves are a sign of strong feelings towards you too.  

Does she give you a fixed gaze accompanied by a sweet smile? This shows she’s a girl with a confident and maybe even somewhat intimidating personality, who has no fear of showing you her feelings. If only you were smart enough to understand them! 

2. She’s Super-Happy Whenever You’re Around

Sure, there are some people out there who are full of smiles every day. But most of us experience a range of emotions depending on what’s going on in our lives. 

Is this girl constantly smiling from ear-to-ear when she’s with you, that’s usually a sign that she’s putting in special effort to impress you. No-one wants to be a Debbie Downer around their secret crush.  

A smile can be a sign of flirtation and sweetness with the sole objective of captivating you. A sincere smile can show you how much he enjoys your company. She surely hopes that her big fat smile will hopefully remain engraved in your memory, immortalizing those unique and fun moments you share together. 

3. Physical Touch

When a woman secretly loves you, she will seek physical contact, albeit discreetly and sometimes even unconsciously. A touch on the shoulder, surreptitiously touching your hand when they speak, playing with your hair a little, trying to clean your face subtly, fixing your clothes if they are misaligned. 

These small gestures reveal that this girl is aware of you to the smallest detail. It’s a natural way of showing a little affection and attention without going to extremes.

Women will almost never touch you unnecessarily unless they’re attracted to you. They don’t want to give away the wrong signals. As such, this is one of the strongest signs that she has a secret crush on you.

4. She Compliments You

You might think that she’s just being friendly when she compliments you, but this is something that women will barely ever do unless they have a crush on a guy. Once again, they don’t want men they’re not attracted to to get the wrong impression. 

If she’s complimenting you on your appearance, this is perhaps the most obvious sign she wants you. At this point, it would be unfair to even call it a secret. She’s literally telling you that you’re attractive.  

5. She Texts You A Lot

When a woman secretly loves you, she’ll still want to be present in your day-to-day life by sending you sweet and funny messages. Perhaps she simply wishes you a good day or shares a funny video. Maybe she even calls you spontaneously just to ask how things went in that important meeting, or to wish you luck in those life projects that are so important to you.

Perhaps the biggest giveaway sign is when she wants to chat about nothing. She could do this with anyone in her contact list, but she chooses to do so with you.    

6. You’re A Big Part Of Her Social Media Presence

A woman puts a lot of pride in her social media profiles, especially those of the most recent generations. If she’s posting photos and videos of the two of you together, that’s a surefire sign that she has stronger feelings for you than you might realize. 

This means she wants to show you off to the world. Social media is about painting yourself in the best light and she thinks you add to that. 

If she’s constantly sending likes and comments to your social media profile, that’s another subtle sign of her interest in you.  

7. She Values Your Opinion Highly 

Have you noticed that she listens to things as insignificant as a book or podcast recommendation? Is she going on trips that you want to or taking your advice on her personal projects? 

If she asks you for recommendations, it means she values ​​your opinion, and considers you a special person. She surely trusts you will give her an honest and sincere opinion. But it goes deeper than that. 

She wants to experience your view of the world. It makes her feel more connected to you. Even if you do not have identical tastes, she wants to experience life the same way that you do. 

8. She Accepts Your Invitations

Have you noticed she accepts your invitations to group outings, even if they would appear to be to events you didn’t know she liked? If she is prioritizing hanging out with you over anything else, that’s a strong sign that she’s secretly in love with you? Most likely, she wishes it was a two-person trip only. If you notice she tries to get alone time with you on these group outings, that’s another surefire sign of stronger feelings.

9. She’s Jealous When Other Girls Get Your Attention

If she just wanted your friendship, it’s unlikely that she would get too jealous of other women in your presence. It’s only when she has a crush that these feelings of jealousy will appear. 

Look out for passive-aggressive behavior towards your other female friends, or when she’s talking about them. That’s the most obvious giveaway that she’s jealous of them. 

10. She Remembers Small Details

Does this girl know what your favorite coffee is? Does she remember your top five favorite movies? How about your favorite sports team and your favorite player from the 2014-15 squad? Is she the type to never forget your birthday and buy you a super-unique present that’s impressively related to your tastes?

It’s not just that she has a great memory, although she might play it off as such to avoid being seen as obsessive. This is a sign that she secretly loves you and wants to impress you.

11. Her Behavior Changes Around You

Perhaps you’ve spotted how she is around her friends, and you’ve noticed she acts somewhat differently around you. Guess what, this means you’re more than friends in her eyes. At least, that’s what she’d like to be.

Perhaps she acts a little self-conscious in your presence. Maybe you can feel some nerves or tension when you approach her unexpectedly. Does she blush when she sees you? Or does she raise her voice to catch your attention when you’re in the same room as her?

Does she always find a way to be standing near you in a group setting? These are all giveaway signs of strong romantic feelings that she’s trying to hide. Pay a little more attention to her behavior and it will surely become more obvious. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame that men sometimes have to investigate so deeply just to realize if a woman has a crush on us. Unfortunately, women are often afraid of their feelings being unrequited and so they make these efforts to hide them. 

At the same time, this woman might think that she is making her feelings extremely obvious. Indeed, it is often the case that men aren’t so privy to the signs that women do choose to give. 

Either way, hopefully this guide has made it more clear whether a certain woman has feelings for you. Now, it’s up to you to respond.