Should You Tell Your Date You’re a Virgin?

You should tell your date that you are a virgin but not on the first date because it would be considered strange and inappropriate. But once you decide to take the relationship further you can reveal your sexual status to your partner. Normally this would happen on the third date.

If you meet a potential partner it would be crucial for you to know that it’s your responsibility to mention your chastity to any potential suitor. However, it would be quite irrational to revolve around such an important topic on the first date. It may send confusing signals that may make the situation look awkward.

When Is the Perfect Time to Reveal You’re a Virgin?

Some relationship experts will say that it would be irrational and inappropriate to reveal your body count on the first or second date. If you’ve made bold steps to go for several dates with your date it means you are seriously considering forming something tangible. So, on the third date after you set the wheel rolling and gauge the direction of the relationship then you can reveal that you’re a virgin.

However, it’s important to also mention that your virginity is entirely your business. It’s not mandatory to reveal such sensitive information to everybody you might be dating. If you feel like you want to carry the relationship further and are worried about the “actual day” to relinquish your virginity then it’s important to give your partner a heads up.

Gathering such courage is tough for many people because nervousness may crimp in when the topic of discussion surrounds “sex”. Some people think they’ll be rejected or considered strange since being a virgin is more unusual these days. Nonetheless, this should not be the case since it’s a personal decision to abstain from sex and it portrays a high level of discipline.

Dating a person who knows about your body count will save you the hassle of explaining why you are not ready to take off your pants after an hour of messing around. It is important to take the time to talk about your sexual experiences, as well as your wants, needs, aspirations, and past partners. You have to provide a reason why you are not giving up your virginity. If the dating turns out to be serious your partner has the right to know at some point in your relationship.

If you are looking to form a solid relationship with your date or are seriously considering losing your virginity, you should be able to answer the following questions.

-Am I ready to lose my virginity?

-Is my partner the right one to lose it with?

-Will I have a difficult time moving on if the relationship fails?

Remember nothings guaranteed since your date may decide to flee after you reveal the fact that you’re a virgin. This can happen for two reasons. First, they see your virginity as a responsibility and cannot handle it.

Another reason might be that your partner isn’t patient enough. Some might become too demanding and request to break your virginity ASAP! Some of them are too demanding because they don’t want to carry on a relationship without having sex right away. Most partnerships revolve around sexual experiences with the bid to enhance the bond.

However, an important detail to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t alter your sexual ego because you feel any pressure from your partner. You should develop the urge and comfortability on your own since you can never force sexual compatibility. Just carry on the relationship and check to see that you guys are sexually compatible. If the connection isn’t there don’t lose your virginity to that person.

Below are some valuable tips for individuals who are trying to break their virginity.

Wait Until the Feeling Is Mutual

It’s not all that necessary to share that you’re still a virgin with your date.
Newbies in the dating game might be caught by the excitement and it may prompt them to reveal their sexual status on the first date. But in general, that is not necessary. Disclosure and proper timing should go hand in hand and it doesn’t make sense to reveal such information to an individual whom you don’t intend to have sex with any time soon. Some people may feel like it’s something they need to get off their chests right away. But instead, try waiting for a while until you become comfortable being romantically engaged and the feeling to have coitus is mutual.

In the dating scene be prepared to meet people with different sexual appetites, needs, and expectations. Submerging into the dating world is clear evidence that you are in need of a romantic relationship. Dating gives you the chance to cross-check whether your expiations, needs, and goals rhyme with your partner’s. You might find a partner who will be thrilled to try something new with a newbie when it comes to sexual contact. Some people may want to have a relationship with a partner who has sexual experience. Let no one coerce you into doing it without giving consent or feeling comfortable about it.

Get Comfortable Being a Virgin.

Since for some reason you haven’t had sex or don’t want to, being comfortable about it before joining a dating platform like Tinder can be very helpful. The more confident and compassionate you are when you’re not having sex, the easier it is to find a sexual partner.

Make sure you understand what to expect from a potential relationship.
When dating, it’s important to be open about what you’re looking for in a relationship, including sex. If you want to wait until your wedding before having sex, you might want to get this straight. If you want to have sex, you should talk about it. We tend to speculate about dating and sex, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The only way to know if you and your partner are on the same page is, to be honest about your beliefs, plans, and expectations. Unless you are open and honest about your two expectations, it is impossible to know what a potential partner thinks about your virginity.

You don’t have to explain too much why you didn’t get the chance to have sex.
You don’t have to justify yourself and provide a list of reasons for why you haven’t had sex yet. It is important to discuss your perspective on sex and its place in your relationship. If you decide to postpone or refuse sex, it is your business. You don’t need to apologize or explain, just like a person who wants to have sex at a young age doesn’t need to explain or rationalize their decisions. There is nothing strange or unusual about being a virgin, and no one owes you a full explanation of why you haven’t had sex or don’t plan on having sex.

Final Thoughts

Everything in life requires a middle ground and sex is obviously no exemption. Early discussions related to sex should be well articulated to ensure both parties grow and accept each other. The bottom line is sex and should be consensual and something both parties should feel comfortable about. Go slow with your dating and wait until it’s the right time to tell your potential partner about your sexual status.