“My Girlfriend Broke up With Me” – Here Is What You Should Do

If your girlfriend broke up with you and you have no idea how to move on with your life, this is the guide for you.

If your girlfriend broke up with you the best approach would be to move on by taking small steps to be more social, spend more time on your passions and embracing singlehood. That’s the key to eventually finding a new girlfriend.

Below, you’ll discover a step-by-step process to moving on from this woman. 

This Is a Great Opportunity for You!

It might not feel like it at the moment, but a break-up is one of the best opportunities for a man to level up and become a better version of himself.

Often, when we’re in a relationship with a woman who loves us just as we are, it becomes a struggle to find the motivation to level up physically, financially or socially.

But, when that woman breaks our heart, we often feel incredible motivation like never before. This may come from the fear that we’ll never find a woman like her again unless we sort our lives out. It might sprout from feelings of wanting to get one over on your ex.

Either way, it’s up to you to use this emotional leverage in your favor, starting today!  

Mourn For A Day Or Two

This is an important step to getting over a break-up that a lot of guys skip.

However, if you don’t take the time to release the painful feelings caused by a break-up, you’ll carry it as trauma energy in your body. It’ll eventually build up and come out in a more extreme manner in future. 

So, take the time to mourn. This might involve crying and eating unhealthy food. Perhaps you prefer to scream and go 12 rounds on the punching bag.

Whatever you do to mourn the loss of this relationship, it’ll help you in the long run. Don’t spend more than a day or two on this mourning process though.

Your main goal is to level up, not to mope around the house forever.   

Become More Social

The idea of ‘getting back out there’ into the dating market can terrify a lot of guys. It’s what keeps a lot of people in miserable relationships.

Perhaps you were never good at meeting women and hooking up. Well, the good news is: you can get better at this, the more you practice. 

The secret is to focus on your small wins, learn from your mistakes and make it FUN.

So, perhaps on your first night back out as a single man, your goal is to start conversations with at least three women and enjoy yourself! That’s your WIN for the night. Nothing else matters. If anything else happens, that’s a bonus.  

Bring a friend who can make it enjoyable and encourage you. If he can give you tips on what you might have done better, that’s a huge asset. Your goals can improve over time as your confidence does. 

When you treat socialising as a skill that’s fun regardless of the ‘result’, the idea of ‘getting back out there’ becomes far less daunting.    

Embrace Your Passions

When you were in your relationship, you probably had to make some sacrifices. Perhaps you didn’t have enough time to spend with your friends or to fully embrace your passions, because you were always with her.

Either way, it’s important to fill this extra time with things that make you happy. This is a key step when it comes to learning how to enjoy being single.

Don’t have any hobbies, passions or friends? Well, this is a perfect time to find some.    

Should You Try To Get Your Girlfriend Back?

The answer to this question is almost always no, especially if she broke up with you.

Any efforts to win this woman back will delay the process of getting over her. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll usually come across as needy and pathetic to her.

In most cases, you’re better off fully cutting her out of your life. Delete her phone number, block her on social media and refrain from visiting her at her house.

You need to focus fully on levelling up and becoming a better man who can attract better women.

Ironically, when you do this instead of pining over your ex, she’s more likely to reach out and try to get you back. 

But, by then, it’s usually too late. You’ll probably have already moved on and started to date better girls.

It’s a sweet redemption arc, but you’ll have to put in the work to move past the pain and get to this point.         

Final Thoughts

This process of getting over a break-up isn’t easy. Perhaps your mind will still be plagued with thoughts of this woman for an initial period of time, but you’re strong enough to get through it.

All wounds heal with time, and the steps outlined above will help you heal even faster. 

Better yet, it’ll help you become a better version of yourself. Before long, you’ll be levelled up to such an extent that you’ll be wondering what you ever saw in this woman.