Is Zoosk Worth Paying For?

Are you wondering whether Zoosk is worth paying for? This in-depth Zoosk review will reveal whether this dating app is worth your hard-earned money.

Zoosk is worth paying for in the sense that it’s infinitely more effective than its free edition, but it also provides good value for money compared to its immediate competitors too. Put simply, Zoosk is worth the money if you’re a young adult who wants more dates.

Below, you’ll learn all about how Zoosk works, what you can expect from its premium membership and how much it costs.

What Is Zoosk?

Zoosk is an online dating website available on mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop.

It’s available to use across the world – and it’s LGBTQA+ friendly.

Zoosk users can expect to connect with plenty of romantic candidates in most parts of the world. It has over 50 million members and its website attracts over 25 million hits per month.

How Does Zoosk Work? 

There are two main methods that modern online dating websites allow users to connect with potential dates. 

  • There’s the swiping method, where users make decisions on potential dates one-by-one. Typically, they swipe right to say ‘Yes’ or left to say ‘No’. In many apps, you can only message users who have also swiped ‘Yes’ on you.
  • There’s also the searching method, where users enter detailed criteria into a search function and are presented with a list of suitable contacts. Typically, users either have to pay in ‘credits’ for every new conversation they start, although some apps allow a free-for-all where paid subscribers can message as many people as they want.

A great thing about Zoosk is that it has both methods!

It has a detailed search function that allows you to locate your perfect partner by using a huge range of demographic filters. 

At the same time, you can also decide on Zoosk members one-by-one using the Carousel feature. If you choose to ‘Like’ someone on the Zoosk carousel, they’ll be notified of that and can then choose whether to start a conversation with you. 

Does Zoosk Have A Free Edition?

Zoosk does have a free edition, but the problem is: it doesn’t allow you to send messages to anyone. That means it’s impossible to actually land a date with the free version of Zoosk. It essentially only exists to give you a preview of how its premium service works.

What Does Zoosk Premium Offer?

There’s only one tier of premium membership, which you’ll pay a monthly subscription to access.  

The most important feature of the premium membership is the ability to send messages to other Zoosk members. In fact, you can send as many messages to as many members as you wish.

You’ll also be able to see what members have viewed your profile. 

How Much Does Zoosk Cost?  

There are four monthly subscriptions to choose from, each offering the same features. 

  • One month: $29.95
  • Three months: $59.95 ($19.98 per month)
  • Six months: $74.95 ($12.49 per month)
  • Twelve months $149.88 ($12.49 per month)

Please note that there’s no extra discount per month between the six-month and twelve-month packages. Your subscription will auto-renew after expiry unless you cancel it beforehand.

What Are Zoosk Coins?

Zoosk Coins are the virtual currency that you can use to buy extra features. The most notable of these features is the ‘Boost’, which will make your profile more visible in the Carousel and search results for a few hours, helping you to get more attention on the apps. 

You can use coins to buy the ability to browse people’s profiles anonymously. On top of that, you can buy ‘read reciepts’ so you can know when a Zoosk member has seen the message you sent them. 

Pros and Cons Of Zoosk


  • Zoosk has a powerful search function. The detailed Zoosk search function is one of its standout features. It allows you to add filters to find your perfect match, based on demographical information such as their age, proximity , height, religion, relationship history, children, body type, ethnicity, education and more. No more having to swipe through tons of unsuitable candidates one by one.  
  • Zoosk has an intelligent behavioral matchmaking algorithm. Zoosk has an intelligent algorithm to help the app recommend you more suitable matches, based on your previous likes and dislikes, as well as an optional personality questionnaire. Users who the algorithm determines are more suitable for you will appear higher in your search results and Carousel pack.  
  • Zoosk encourages users to write a lot about themselves. Zoosk only allows you to upload six photos, but it does a lot to encourage members to write a lot about themselves. For starters, if you don’t fill in all of your demographical information, you’re less likely to appear in other people’s search results. On top of that, you’re also given several prompts in your profile to let the Zoosk world know who you are.
  • Zoosk has a strict verification service. Among the multiple actions that it takes to remove fake or dangerous profiles, Zoosk has included a strict verification process. It costs you nothing to verify your profile. When you do, you’ll get a sticker on your profile letting the Zoosk world know that it’s really you they’re talking to. 
  • Zoosk has a huge user base. Having launched in 2007, Zoosk has managed to build an impressive user base. It has reportedly 50 million users across the globe, with its biggest markets being Europe and North America. If you have a good profile, you should have no problem connecting with plenty of prospective matches, especially if you live in either of these two continents. 
  • Zoosk has a live streaming service. You can watch other people’s live streams or stream yourself using the Zoosk app, even as a free member. This feature is only available on mobile and would appear to be completely unrelated to the dating aspect of the app, but it might be a nice addition if you enjoy streaming as well as searching for single people to talk to. 


  • You have to pay to message other Zoosk users. That might seem a bit tight-fisted, but there are advantages to using a dating website where everyone who messages you has paid to be there. For starters, paid members are more likely to be active and take online dating seriously because they don’t want to waste their money. You’re also less likely to deal with trolls or scammers on websites like these.  
  • You might contact profiles who can’t message you back. If you message someone with a free account, they won’t be able to respond to you. That can be a kick in the teeth, but at least Zoosk lets you send unlimited messages once you’re a paid member. Also, you’re able to see those who have Viewed or Liked your profile, so you can get an idea of who is active. Perhaps start by messaging them. If you’re a man who is useless at messaging women, I’d recommend you buy Ice White’s book The Message Game, as this is packed with tried-and-tested techniques for capturing a woman’s imagination on dating apps.  
  • There’s no extra discount for a 12-month membership. A 12-month membership costs the equivalent of $12.49 per month, which is the same as a six-month membership. You may as well buy a six-month membership only for the best deal then, in case you find a partner before six months is up.   

How Does Zoosk Compare To Its Competitors?

Some people are on dating apps looking for hook-ups, others are looking for “true love”. A lot of apps market themselves (or develop a reputation) as being for one group or the other. Zoosk doesn’t really lean either way. That might be why it has attracted such a large user base.

Zoosk stands as being different from mainstream apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, because it doesn’t force users to swipe on hundreds of faces one-by-one. It has a super-intelligent search function, as well as the Carousel feature for those who like the swiping game. There is more emphasis on personality on Zoosk too, as shown by its more detailed profiles and behavioral matchmaking algorithm. 

In spite of this, Zoosk is competitively priced compared to the premium editions of these super-popular dating apps. It might not have as many users, but there are still more than enough people using Zoosk for you to be confident of finding some great partners (provided you have a good profile).  

Zoosk actually works out cheaper than other popular online dating websites with a search function like eHarmony or Zoosk has a notably younger user base than these two websites too. 

Final Thoughts

Zoosk really is one of the better online dating websites out there, if only because it offers so much flexibility for how you can search for a partner.

If you’ve not tried a website like this before, I’d urge you to give it a try at least for one month. You might be pleasantly surprised by your results compared to mainstream apps like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge.

Despite being a lot older than these super-popular apps, Zoosk could be the website that transforms your online dating success.