“I Don’t Trust My Girlfriend” – Here Is What You Should Do

Your relationship is doomed to fail if you don’t trust your girlfriend, so you’ll need to find a way to do so in order to be happy together.

If you don’t trust your girlfriend you first need to understand why you don’t trust her. Perhaps she cheated in the past or you’ve been cheated on by someone else before. Then, you’ll need to agree on reasonable steps your girlfriend can take to help you trust her more. 

These are difficult steps to take, but it’s easier than trying to be happy in a trustless relationship. This guide is packed with tips to help you get through them together. So, let’s dive in! 

Why Don’t You Trust Your Girlfriend?

Below is a list of common reasons why a man might not trust his girlfriend. 

Some of these might be difficult to admit to yourself, especially the ones where you’re the one to blame.   

So, take a look at this list and really take the time to ask yourself whether this might be contributing to your distrust. 

  • 1. She has cheated on you or lied to you in the past. It makes complete sense not to trust someone who has betrayed you or lied to you in the past. 
  • 2. You’ve been cheated on by someone else before. When you’ve been betrayed by a previous girlfriend, it can lead to you being extra-suspicious of future partners, even when they’ve done nothing to suggest they’re being unfaithful. 
  • 3. One of your parents was the victim of cheating. This can be just as painful for children when their parents’ relationship is ruined by cheating. This too can make you overly suspicious of your own romantic partners.
  • 4. You’ve cheated on partners in the past! Those who frequently betray others are often far less likely to trust those around them.
  • 5. You’re extremely insecure. Insecure people often expect bad things to happen to them and actively search for reasons not to trust people. If you don’t believe you deserve this girl, you may be prone to believing this relationship is ‘too good to be true’ and looking for evidence to back up this theory. 
  • 6. Your relationship has gone stale. If she’s not as interested in love, physical relations and romance, it’s common for men to believe their woman must be getting this satisfied elsewhere behind their back.   

Spend as much time as you require figuring out which of these are the reasons you don’t trust your girlfriend. 

If it’s the first reason, she will have to do the majority of the work to win your trust back. If it’s one or more of the latter five, you’re going to have to be one that takes the most steps to restore your own trust.      

How To Fix A Lack Of Trust In Your Relationship

If it was your girlfriend who lied or cheated on you, she should already be taking steps to try and win back your trust.

Hopefully, she’s explained to you what motivated her to take this horrible course of action, and what actions she has taken to stop herself from doing something similar in the future.

She should also really be putting in extra effort to show her love and respect for you. 

If she’s not doing these two things, it’s going to be tough for you to build your trust back up. She’s arguably not even trying to win your trust, so this relationship is as good as dead.

If you’re suffering from a lack of trust, even though she’s given you no reason not to trust her, it’s down to you to address the inner demons making you feel this way. 

Confide in your girlfriend and explain to her why you’re struggling to trust her. Hopefully, she’ll be willing to help you overcome these problems. Maybe she’ll forgive a couple of jealous outbursts once she knows what’s causing them. 

Better yet, confide in a therapist. These professionals specialise in helping men and women understand and solve psychological problems based on their past experiences.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty much impossible to enjoy a romantic partnership without trust. A lack of trust will nearly always cause conflict in a relationship.

The only solution is to fix it or end the relationship completely.

Hopefully, you’re now aware which option is best for you and how to go about it.