I Don’t Know How to Date

If you have no idea how to date, this guide is here to walk you through it. We’ll explore basic detailed steps for a successful first date.   

If you don’t know how to date it’s probably because you haven’t dated before. It’s fine to date in a bar or cafe. Use it as an opportunity to get to the other person and have fun. Then, if you like them, don’t be afraid to kiss them or invite them back to yours.

Below, we’ll explore some more basic detailed steps for a successful first date.   

What To Do On A First Date

If you’ve watched enough romantic movies and TV shows, you might think that you have to pull out all the stops to think of an amazing first date location.

That isn’t true at all. In fact, if you make a date seem like too much of a big deal, there’s every chance that the other person gets nervous and has second thoughts about turning up.

You can have a first date at a casual venue at a bar or a cafe and still both have an amazing time. It’s the connection between the two of you that matters. 

If you’re really nervous about the conversation flowing with this person, it can help to have an activity for you both to do.

But, again, it doesn’t need to be a big deal. Bowling? Crazy Golf? Strolling through markets or a museum? These are all examples of casual dates with an activity. 

What To Talk About On A First Date

First dates are about getting to know each other.

So, be curious about the other person! Ask them questions. Discover what they like, what they dislike and the cool things they have done with their life!

Hopefully, they’ll ask you plenty of questions as well! But, if not, it’s not terrible to mention the cool things you’ve been up to lately.

A lot of people become nervous about running out of things to say on a first date. This is because they put too much pressure on what’s ‘good enough’ to talk about. You don’t do that with your friends and family, and that’s why you don’t run out of things to say with them!!

So, don’t filter yourself around your date either. If you’re enthusiastic and passionate about whatever you decide to talk about, they will most likely be excited to hear about it.

Still, if you’re looking to improve your conversation skills, read How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s regarded as one of the best social skills books of all time – and is available to buy for $19.50 on Amazon.     

By all means, you should definitely add a little bit of flirting and playful touching into your conversation too. If their outfit looks great, tell them! If they have an attractive  voice, let them know! Make sure they’re comfortable with your flirting though. If they tense up or cringe, you’re probably overdoing it. 

How to End A First Date 

It’s great to have a plan for a second venue to take your date to if you have a good connection.

Perhaps you invite them back to your place for another drink, or to see something cool that you may have in your house.

If they agree to come back to your place, there’s every chance they want more physical intimacy. However far it goes, you’ll build more of a connection in the privacy of your home. 

They might not be comfortable to go home with you on the first date, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! It also doesn’t hurt to go for the kiss on the first date either!

If you’re a man and you don’t go for the kiss on the first date, your date won’t think you’re a gentleman. 

More likely, she’ll think: 

  • you’re a coward;
  • you don’t like her.

Neither conclusion will make them excited to date you again. 

So, even though the prospect of them rejecting your kiss or your invite home might be scary, it pays to be brave. Bravery and assertiveness are attractive traits. They’ll respect that you’re going for what you want. 

If you’re a woman, perhaps you prefer to wait for your man to make the move. But, if you really like him, there’s nothing wrong with putting the moves on him instead. 

Final Thoughts

The #1 tip for a first date is to HAVE FUN! 

If you enjoy yourself, that fun energy is likely to transfer on your date. 

That’s a far better idea than trying so hard to impress your date that you become nervous.