How to Seduce a Woman Psychologically

To seduce a woman psychologically you first need to get her attention and then attract her. Be dominant and look her straight in the eyes. If she holds eye contact it’s time for you to approach her and if there’s chemistry ask for her socials or phone number.

First of all, you’ve got to be comfortable before trying to seduce anybody. If you’re shy when it comes to women, maybe you don’t have much experience, anxiety, insecurities, whatever the reason is, there’s good news. It’s a skill that can be learned and with practice, it can become second nature. Whether you are a young man, or maybe older, divorced, and looking to put yourself back out there. It doesn’t matter. You’re never too old to polish your social skills with everyone, especially the opposite sex. Once you unlock this superpower, doors will begin to open as you see things from a new perspective that will allow you to stand out from most men in this day and age.

Before you start playing the game, your hygiene needs to be on point. There are no excuses for you to be smelling like you haven’t scrubbed your sack in four days. Invest in a back brush for about $8.00 at your local CVS and clean your body. Using your hands isn’t enough as they can’t get rid of the dirt deep in your pores that goes past the surface area of the skin. This clogs your pores and forms blemishes and different forms of hyperpigmentation. If you want to be that man she can’t stop thinking about, give her every reason why she should even look in your direction. You do that by taking care of your Kingdom. That’s your skin, your body, and your mental health.

Also, there are a lot of misconceptions that self-care is expensive. Though it can be, it doesn’t have to. An exfoliating cream and cleanser for your face go for less than $15 and it can last you 2 months, easy.  Don’t listen to that nonsense about how it’s “gay” for men to practice self-care. How you look, how you dress, and how you carry yourself, all of these things in conjunction with your smell and physique are what can make or break you when you are approaching and speaking to a woman who is attracted to you. It is because women are more in tune with their senses. Scientifically, they have about 50% more neurons in the area of the brain associated to smell. This means even though you think you don’t stink after skipping that shower, think again. To a female, she may smell something you can’t. The extra care you put into yourself will make all the difference while you’re charming her. The essence of how you carry yourself and your masculinity is attractive, if somehow you’ve lost it, it must be found so you can learn how to wear your crown with unbreakable confidence. Women are more visual than men and are driven by fantasy, memory, and emotion. Your scent will linger in her mind and she’ll attribute that very scent to you and remember that precise moment when she smelled you.

Women pay attention to and remember EVERYTHING. How she remembers you come from the effort you put into yourself and the feelings you make her feel during your interactions together. Your swagger when you walk, to how you look at her, all these little things enter her mind when she sees you. If you stand out from the typical men out here, you are guaranteed to leave your mark on her. For those of you that need some tips on boosting your confidence, that is in the works, so stay tuned.

Paying attention to a woman’s reactions and cues that she will subconsciously use to let you know if she’s attracted to you and is enjoying your company is vital to escalating with her. Why is this important? Every woman who was interested in me all did the same thing in relatively the same in some way, shape, or form even though everyone is different.

Signs She Is Into You

When a woman sees what she likes, she will look at it. Eye contact is said to indicate a form of fascination or even disgust toward someone. When gauging her interest, pay attention to where her eyes are looking. Is she meeting your gaze, quickly looks down, and back up at you?  Do you catch her always looking in your general direction and she just so happens to look down and away when she gets caught? Perhaps even a smile afterward? Or is she ballsy and holds your gaze? If she does this, all of these are very strong indicators of interest.

But remember that not all eye contact has the same meaning which is why for the best possible outcome, looking for multiple signs coupled with positive body language. It’s in the way she keeps her eyes on you, the way she just hangs on every word you say, how she smiles at you, Take some time and observe the people around you and pay attention to how they look at one another. You can tell a lot about someone’s investment in you just by their eyes This may sound insignificant, but rest assured, the more aware you become when it comes to your eyes, your game and social life will improve indefinitely.

I will quickly run through indicators of disinterest, only because when you see a cluster of these, respectfully remove yourself.

Shows No Interest

There are a billion other women who would prefer your time. Time is something we NEVER get back so if she’s flaky, barely responsive, avoids eye contact altogether, her body language stays closed, keeping distance, blocking any chance of openness are all signs of disinterest. Women fluctuate off emotion, so they may show interest today and disinterest 2 hours later.  Don’t let this discourage you, but don’t be a sucker either. Know when it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

Dosen’t Touch You

Women don’t touch what they don’t like, nor do they want to be touched by someone they don’t like or enjoy being around. Pay attention to where she touches you and how you are being touched. As well as her reaction to being touched by you. Does she walk by you and even though she’s got enough room she bumps you or lingers her touch? Especially if she’s touching your arms or your chest or face? These are all intimate areas and she’s trying to get personal. Take advantage of this and flirt back. If not, she will assume you’re scared or not into her. Most women have fragile egos and can’t handle rejection, so if you don’t make a move, someone else will.

How to Touch Her if She’s Interested

The key to touch is to keep it natural and see if she touches back after breaking the touch barrier. It’s your job as the man to assert dominance and lead. No, that does not mean to be rough and controlling. This means you direct the flow of the night, take the lead and make the moves. You do that by escalating. Escalating is gradually rising the physical interaction between the two of you. The more you two flirt, talk and make eye contact with each other, the higher her comfort level will be as you’re connecting with her emotionally. You’ll both be in sync. That’s chemistry.
You will almost always be met with resistance along the way the closer you get to sex as you escalate toward that point. Women are wired this way the closer you get, so don’t get discouraged if she rejects you. She doesn’t want to feel slutty or judged by you so it is crucial that you are playful and fun, while at the same time unbothered when she does pull away. I like to remind her “I’m comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable doing. We’re just two people living in the moment.

How to Introduce Yourself

For example, you could say something like:

“Hi… I know this may seem random… but… our eyes met and I had to come up and introduce myself. My name is .” and shake her hand to break the touch barrier (don’t be afraid to use some eye contact. Just remember to break it when she breaks hers so you’re not staring at her the whole time.)

You can Guage some interest by paying attention to her tone as well. Does she lower her tone when you lower yours? That’s a sign of attraction right there. You could be talking about space but have a completely different conversation entirely when you look into her eyes.


Without this, you can’t go anywhere. Two people with chemistry look like they have been together for years even though they just met hypothetically. Their in sync with each other, they flow, laugh, tease each other, and can pretty much be themselves around each other with no judgment. Chemistry with someone is rare, but it does happen. So, if you are reading and you mentally checked off all the boxes, chances are, you both have great chemistry. Though it is amazing, most women find this type of man and are reluctant to tie them down because 90% of the men in today’s society are too afraid to go up and approach or make a move, so you’re stuck with being her friend because you were too scared to go after what you wanted. Make a move. “Closed mouths don’t get fed”


What do you bring to her life? Are you her support system? Does she respect you and trust that you can protect her? Do you teach her how to love and care for herself as much as you do? It’s not all about sex, even though it’s great! It is not everything.  Women don’t just crave physical attraction and intimacy, they crave emotional stimulation too.

I encourage everyone to practice eye contact in the mirror after a shower if they are starting and are too nervous about levels of intimacy. Touching is a sign of physical attraction, so if she touches your arm for whatever reason, pass her an object and graze your hand lightly over hers and gauge her reaction. You can do the same thing with your arm on her shoulder or even one hand around her waist. It may seem awkward at first, but as you pay more attention to people, you’ll notice humans are creatures of habit and love talking about themselves, so while she’s talking, listen and be aware of what’s going on, pay attention to how she says something, not just what’s being said. Just like you never listen to what a woman says, you look at what she does. Always. Chemistry is never forced, if you don’t have it, move on. She needs to appreciate and value the role you play in her life.

If she disrespects you or your principles, can you walk away and mentally be strong to show tough love when needed? To teach her and help her grow to be a better person, THAT is true value. A leader she can follow with confidence.  When you seduce her psychologically like this, she will fall for you. Be mindful about who you use your newfound powers on. Energy is real and a woman in love wants all of you. Be sure to only invest in those who are equally or more invested in you who are worth your time.