How to Meet a Girl on Tinder

One of the key steps when it comes to meeting a girl on tinder is to have a great bio along with good pictures. Use full-face pictures and write something interesting about yourself to grab her attention. Once you’re matched set up a date as soon as possible without being needy.

So, you’ve spent a couple of minutes setting up your Tinder profile. You’ve created a profile that shows the best version of yourself. Now it’s time to impress the ten-on-ten ladies. This is the part that gets everyone nervous. What if your dream girl is somewhere out there – but simply swipes left on you or doesn’t respond to you?

It’s time to find out how to meet a girl on Tinder!

Well, the key to getting attention from a woman on Tinder starts with you showing your interest in a gentle and casual manner. You have to grab her attention and impress her with the first message you send otherwise she will not reply.

You also don’t want to appear like you are trying too hard. After all, women on Tinder have plenty of unpleasant experiences where guys bombard them with messages. Guys who do that will come across as needy and that’s not a good start when meeting a girl on tinder.

How to Meet a Girl on Tinder – Concentrating on First Impression

You may not believe in love at first sight – especially when it’s Tinder, where you swipe left and right without really thinking about it. But you can’t deny that the first impression you create is enough to make or break your chances with her on Tinder. So what do you do?

Well, start by concentrating on the “firsts” – the first thing they’ll see when they visit your profile, the first message you send them, the first time you talk on the phone, the first time you meet, and so on.

Picture and Bio

The first half of the battle depends on your profile. Honesty is the best policy here. While a few filters on your photos taken from flattering angles are expected, don’t go overboard. Share pictures that clearly show your face and stance. However, expect to be judged by your looks and your posture.

You should also write something simple and exciting about yourself in the bio. It can be something about a sport that you take on regularly or a quality about yourself that you want to highlight. Your bio is also a good place, to be honest about your intentions. Are you in town just for the week – or are you in for more than just chatting up?

Don’t be tacky and romantic; you don’t want to be a Ross Geller on Tinder. Also, avoid cheesy cliches. No girl in the history of dating has right-swiped on someone looking for a Tinderella. Stay casual and quirky. But like we said before, don’t try too hard or use cliches.

Messaging Your Match

Wait, wait! Did we skip a step? Well, there’s one tiny step between creating an impressive profile and starting a conversation with the girl you’re into – finding your match. To be fair, there’s little you can do here. Simply swipe right on the women you like, and swipe left on the women you don’t like.

If all goes well, you’ll soon get some matches. What comes after that? It’s time to start a conversation. You can compliment something you like about her, show interest in some activity that she has mentioned in her profile, discuss some common hobbies, or joke around casually.

Do not open with a pickup line; she’ll interpret it as neediness. An insult disguised as a compliment is another red flag for women. “You’re not like other women,” or “I don’t normally date Virgos, but you intrigue me,” might have worked a decade ago. Now, it won’t.

Also, avoid commenting on her body. Even if you do want to comment on her attractiveness, tread lightly, and choose your words carefully. It’s always better to call her “beautiful” than “sexy”. You can also share your interests and hobbies to continue the conversation.

During the conversation, there should be room for back and forth. So, make sure you give her something to pick up on and continue the conversation. If she doesn’t respond or is obsessed with herself, it’s probably not the ideal match – and it’s a sign for you to consider other options.

Asking for Her Phone number for the First Time

Before you jump straight to your date, ask for her phone number. Our generation probably gives too much credit to text messages, not realizing the power of voice. But hang on! Don’t ask for her number within five minutes of the conversation. Give her time to grow some trust for you first.

Once you get to know each other a little, take the conversation to the next level and send your number to her. If she texts you, it’s your cue to call her. An ideal time to call a woman for the first time is later in the evening. If she doesn’t take the call just be patient and call her later.

If she’s interested, she’ll call back or text you to reschedule the call. While you shouldn’t move too fast, it’s also not ideal to delay the call. You can keep text chatting for a week or so, but soon, the conversation will hit a lull. Once that happens you should call her.

Remember that even after chatting for a while, your first call can still make both of you a little nervous. This is your chance to create a whole new “first impression” on her. So make her laugh, be cool and cute at the same time, and have fun talking about things that interest you both – before asking her on a date.

That First Date

You shouldn’t be too hasty in asking her on a date nor delay it beyond a week. One of the worst things about finding a date on Tinder is that you never know who else is vying for her attention. So, the only thing you can do is keep things fresh – and ask her out in time.

It’s best if you ask her out for the first date because that displays confidence. But don’t judge her if she makes the first move and asks you out. But if it’s you who makes the move, don’t forget to suggest a time and a place for your first date.

Once the date is locked, don’t go aloof completely.  Stay in touch without overdoing it. Don’t forget to text or call her on the day of your first meetup to ask her if she is still up for the date. So, put on your charm, get ready to bring your A-game – and let everything fall into place!

Getting a Date on Tinder – What You Should and Shouldn’t Say to the Girl

Here are a few general rules to follow after you meet a woman on Tinder:

  1. Don’t be needy or romantic when you’re trying to show her you’re interested. Also, don’t use cliches or pickup lines.
  2. Be natural and casual, but without exaggerating, let your profile tell women that you’re a fun and interesting person to hang out with.
  3. Don’t bombard the woman with messages, requests for her number, or calls. Give her space and see how things go. Wait for her to respond as well.
  4. During your initial conversations, or even during the first few dates, avoid talking about family or even your feelings. Don’t get too serious too quickly.
  5. Future plans for marriage and children are entirely off the table. These subjects are synonymous with commitment and might sound scary.
  6. Women these days are quite political, and your views of the world might matter to them. Lying about your stand will not take you anywhere.
  7. People look for both relationships and hookups on Tinder. Be open about your intentions, and you’ll surely find a girl interested in what you’re willing to offer.

Remember that Tinder is not a job portal or matrimonial column. So don’t “interview” the girl. Instead, start a friendly conversation and take it from there. Unless you’re People-Magazine-Cover level hot, you’ll have to be personable, funny, and interesting to grab her attention.

Final Words

Finding the right girl on Tinder is not a piece of cake, especially when there are so many stunning competitors out there that snatch away the best-looking women from you. You might believe that what’s on the inside matters more than the outside. But on Tinder, you have to expect judgment.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a partner on Tinder – or a solid friendship. If you’re luckier, you’ll meet several interesting women – and gain sufficient experience to write your own script for “How I Met Your Mother – 2”!