How to Know if a Girl Likes You or Just Being Nice?

When a woman likes you, she will show you small (yet noticeable) hints to show her affection towards you. Pay close attention to her eyes and smile. If she is having strong eye contact and smiling consistently at you chances are she likes you.

In today’s society, men are expected to make the first move on women. But women also give some positive hints or signals to a guy. If you catch those signals, you will be able to understand the girl and her emotions which furthermore tells you if she is interested.

Here are some of the hints that will help you understand if a girl likes you or just being nice. However, she must give you these hints more than one time before you can decide if she is interested in you or not.


A smile says it all. For women, a smile reveals their heart. If a girl smiles whenever she sees you or greets you with a happy face, she likes your presence. The smile also shows that the girl gets a positive vibe from you and wants to appear happy in front of you.


As we all know, eyes speak and if a girl likes you, you will be able to notice it in her eyes. Eyes reveal all the hidden emotions of our hearts. When we glance at someone we like, our eyes sparkle and our pupils get bigger. If her pupils expand when she is looking at you she is probably finding you attractive.


If a girl likes you, she will chuckle at your jokes, even if they are not very funny. So if you notice the girl laughing around you a lot that means she enjoys your presence. It is their way of assuring you that they like you.


Girls give compliments if they like the guy. If we like someone, we want to make them feel good, and none can resist the charm of compliments. It automatically brings a broad smile to our faces. So, if you see a girl who is giving you compliments repeatedly, she might be interested in you.

Emotional support

Everyone seeks emotional support, mainly when we are going through a tough time. When a girl gives you constant emotional support and cheers you up, this may mean she is into you. If a girl likes you, she gives you hope for the future and will be there by your side when you are down.

Eye contact

As mentioned above, the eyes speak a lot. So, if a girl likes you, she will show her affection by giving you small glances now and then. Long deep stares are another hint that the girl is into you. If the girl truly finds you attractive you will feel an instant connection looking at her.


Everyone has their own hobbies and when we like someone, we try to like whatever they like. Your favorite color becomes her favorite color and she might even start to enjoy your favorite food. She will take an interest in your hobbies and try to adapt to some of those. Hobbies work as a great icebreaker. So, if you see that the girl is taking interest in some of your hobbies to make a good conversation with you, she might be into you.

Sharing small things

When a girl likes you, she will share small incidents of her life with you. No matter how insignificant they are, she will try to share it all. This indicates that she is comfortable telling you random unimportant things without you judging her.

Going out

It’s obvious that when we like someone, we want to spend more time with them. If a girl is flexible and takes her time to hang out with you frequently, it means she enjoys your company. The fact is, we enjoy someone’s company only when we like that person.


We feel very nervous around people we are attracted to. This is true, especially for girls. They act weird and say weird things when they like someone. Some may act rude, trying to hide their emotions. Others may blush and act shy because they feel that your presence is making them nervous.


Jealousy is one of the biggest signs that a girl likes you. Few girls on earth do not get jealous if their man is with another woman. If you find a girl who is extremely jealous when you talk to other girls or spend time with others, understand that she might be interested.

Make you feel special

When a girl likes you, she will try her best to make you feel special. She may give you gifts on special days or plan something special for you. We always want to keep the person we love happy. So, if you see a girl is trying hard to please you or make you smile, she is most likely into you.


Curiosity is a big sign of interest. We do not get curious about something that we do not like. If she shows interest in your life and wants to know more about you, that is a good sign. When we like someone, we try to be more involved in their life; we want to know all their childhood memories, what they like, what they dislike, and the list never ends. So, if you notice that she is asking you many in-depth questions about you she is definitely interested.

Daily conversation

Everyone loves to be in the presence of their loved ones. If physical presence is impossible, we try to be in touch with them over the phone. If she is down to have daily long conversations on the phone she is giving you a hint that she likes you.


When a girl likes you and puts in some effort, she also expects some positive feedbacks. If you are cold and distant, she may get hurt. So, when you see a girl is expecting certain things from you, you must understand that you are special to her. For example, sitting beside her, always being around her, daily conversation, hangouts, and so on. These small expectations reflect that she is into you.


Yes, anger is a sign of likeness. When a girl likes you, she may get angry about little things. Your simple teasing or negligence may hurt her, and as a result, she will get angry. But that’s probably because she has feelings for you.


When a girl likes you, she will be extra helpful. If we like someone, we want to show them our best sides. The same goes for a girl. She will try to be there for you when you need it and help you all she can.

Final Thoughts

These are the hints you should pay close attention to when understanding how a girl feels about you. Reading these hints correctly is the most important thing. You should not get misled and approach someone that does not like you back. Sometimes girls just try to be nice to others. If a girl is talking to you or simply hanging out with you, that does not always mean she is into you. Take enough time to understand her and make a move only after being wholly assured about her positive feelings. All these positive signals will help you to know if the girl genuinely likes you or not.