How To Kiss Without Tongues

Are you wondering how to kiss without tongues? If so, this is the perfect guide for you.

The key to kiss without tongues is to caress your lips against theirs, rather than simply pushing your lips and releasing. You can gently suck on each other’s lips without using tongues too.

Read on for more details about how to be a great kisser without having to use your tongue.

Should I Kiss With Or Without Tongues?

Kissing without tongues can be just as good as a full-on French kiss.

Of course, the question of whether you should kiss with or without tongues also depends on your partner’s preferences and the situation you’re in.

A tongue kiss can be seen as a bit much by some people if you’re in public, for example. Some people don’t like tongue kisses at all. 

A great idea is to start the kiss without using your tongue and get a sense of how your partner reacts. Maybe it feels right to progress into a tongue kiss. The most magical kisses start small and subtle, then progress into heavier tongue kisses.

Ultimately, both types of kisses help you to show affection and can turn-on your partner.

How To Kiss Without Tongues

The key to a great kiss without tongues is massaging or caressing your lips against your partners. This is more than a ‘peck’ on the lips. It’s slower, more sensual and it feels great.

You can gently suck on each other’s lips during this type of kiss too.

The best possible tip that could be shared about being a good kisser is to relax and be present with your partner. This will help you calibrate to what your partner likes and wants from you.

When one partner goes in without reading their partner, that’s when unsatisfying kisses happen!

Women especially make a lot of judgments about their partners by the first kiss, so it’s important that you take this advice to heart and follow it. 

What Are The Different Types Of Kisses Without Tongues?

Here are some more ideas to help you add variety to your kisses.

  • Single-lip kiss. Take one of your partner’s lips between yours and gently suck on it. You can hold it gently between your teeth as part of this kiss. Do it right and you’ll send tingles up their spine. 
  • The Eskimo Kiss. Kissing while your rub noses. 
  • The Hoover Kiss. Suck on your partner’s lips really hard. This is funny and silly, rather than romantic or erotic. 
  • The Wet Kiss. An open-mouthed kiss purposely adding some saliva, either with or without tongues. This can be seen as romantic when done properly, but a bit disgusting if you overdo it. 
  • The Biting Kiss. During the kiss, bite your partner’s bottom lip gently and drag it towards you. Careful, it’s extremely painful if you even slightly overdo it.  
  • The Neck Kiss. Progress from the lips down to kissing your partner’s neck and collarbones. You’ll feel them breathing heavier and maybe even hear sighs of pleasure if they’re enjoying this.  
  • The Spiderman Kiss. Kissing when one partner is upside down, most likely when lying on a bed. Made famous by Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the original ‘Spiderman’ movie from 2002.
  • The Forehead Kiss. The forehead isn’t an erogenous zone, but this is still perceived as a cute way to show affection for someone. Maybe do it as you’re saying goodbye.    

What Are Some More Tips For A Great Kiss Without Tongues?

Here are some extra tips to make your kiss extra-memorable without having to use your tongue.

  • Have breath mints handy. Nothing ruins a kiss like bad breath.  
  • Think about what you’re doing with your hands. To make a kiss more spicy, caress your partner’s body with your hands. You can caress their cheeks, run your hands through their hair or pull them closer to you by the hips. If you have a submissive partner – and you’re in a suitable place for this – consider grabbing their hands and pinning them against the wall or the mattress.
  • Close your eyes. It can creep your partner out if you leave your eyes open.
  • Be present in the moment. This will help you to read your partner and follow their lead, and this makes for the most magical kisses. 
  • Pull away first. This can be difficult to do in the heat of the moment, but it’s sexier to leave your partner wanting more. Most probably, they’ll grab you for more straight away.     

Final Thoughts

Kisses without tongues can be incredibly alluring. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently!

In fact, if you’re only using your tongue to kiss your partner, that can be incredibly overwhelming.  

With the tips above, you can learn to turn your partner on without having to use your tongue – and be seen as an incredible kisser.