How to Get Unbanned on Tinder

To get unbanned on tinder try reaching out to Tinder’s support team on their website. Be polite and explain why you think the ban was unfair. If that does not work chances are you have to link a new phone number to Tinder.

You usually get banned on Tinder when there’s some violation of the rules or if you get reported multiple times. If you get a warning and don’t repeat the mistake, your account is safe. But if you get banned, you’re in trouble. But don’t be disappointed yet! There are ways to get back on Tinder!

Banned on Twitter – What just happened?

Well, you must have done something wrong to anger the Tinder police – or the people you messaged. Now, the phone number linked to your account is prevented from getting connected to a Tinder account. You can even get tracked by your Google account or your Facebook or Instagram account.

Now, that’s a pickle, right? But you have to remember that it’s likely you won’t get banned easily. You will first get a warning when you do something wrong, and someone reports your behavior. Once you get the alert, go through the guidelines, and learn the etiquette of finding a Tinder date.

Appeal to the human side of Team Tinder

Chances are, if you manage to change your behavior after you receive a warning, you will not be banned even after a warning. But if you continue making the same mistakes, you will get banned. But life isn’t always fair, right? If you think that your Tinder ban is unfair, try reaching out to their support team.

Honestly, there’s no dedicated channel to submit an appeal to lift the ban on your account. But you can submit a request to help you on their customer service page. Once you hear back from the team, be polite, and explain your case. Don’t turn on the Sheldon Cooper mode and start arguing!

If you’re lucky, it will only take a couple of phone calls or email exchanges to resolve the issue, and you’ll need to be patient just for a few days. However, it’s not always the same, and you might have to wait for several weeks. Even then, there’s no guarantee that your account will be revived.

So how do you get unbanned on Tinder?

If contacting the customer service team doesn’t get you unbanned, you will likely need to take the memories of your Tinder account and move on to a new one. Here’s what you need to do to give your dating life a fresh start on Tinder!

Uninstall and reinstall

Start by deleting the account for good. You’ll find the option to do that on “Settings” on the app. Just keep scrolling down and choose the “Delete Account” option. Once you have bid a tearful goodbye to your account, it’s time to delete the app from your phone.

After you have uninstalled the app, don’t forget to clear the cache and remove all cookies. This will remove all information, like login email id and password, from the phone. But wait before you reinstall the app. There’s a lot more to do before you get started again.

New Number for Tinder

You’ll need to link a phone number to your Tinder account. The app will not allow you to sign up for a new account using the already banned number. What do you do then? You can start with a new sim, of course. It will prevent Tinder from recognizing you as one of the banned members.

But buying a new sim card just for Tinder seems like too much of a hassle, right? If you already have a second number, the process will be much easier. But where will you put the sim card if you own only one phone that can accommodate a single sim card?

Well, don’t worry. There’s a simple solution – a virtual sim phone number. There are apps available on iPhone and Android to get you a “Temporary Disposable Number”. Popular carriers like Vodafone and T-mobile provide you with a sim-based number that you can use for your new Tinder account.

Social Media Accounts

Should you or should you not link your social media accounts with the new Tinder account? You see, you will get the option to log into Tinder using Facebook. But by doing so, you will only be leading Tinder sleuths back to you if you had your account linked to Tinder before getting banned.

It’s the same with Instagram, Spotify, etc.; linking an account that used to be connected to your previous Tinder profile can get you removed. So, de-link all accounts from Tinder first and avoid doing so on the new account to your existing social media profiles. Or you can start afresh on all platforms.

New Google Account, New Apple ID

Tinder army is not just after your phone number or social media platforms. It is also going to look into other data, including everything stored in your Google account or Apple ID. Unlike social media accounts, there’s no other option but to get a new Google account and Apple ID.

Both of these store your information, and you may not know how to delete all that data. So make sure you start afresh. It’s only then that you need to install the app again and sign up for a new account. Otherwise, you will once again run the risk of getting tracked.

Your New Tinder Account

Just in case it’s not clear enough by now – you cannot use any of the old data on your new Tinder account. Discard the old images, too, because Tinder’s AI will recognize them. Look at it this way – you now have the chance to put up a better click and attract all the ten-on-ten to swipe right on you.

If your previous account had premium features and you want to upgrade your new Tinder account, as well, you need a new credit card – for the same reason. If you don’t own another card, you’ll probably have to rope in someone who trusts you with money matters.

What gets you banned on Tinder?

So now you have a new account on Tinder. But how do you make sure you don’t get banned again? To take precautions, you need to understand what got you banned in the first place. Chances are, you stepped out of the boundaries set by the community guidelines on Tinder.

The most common reasons behind your Tinder ban are as follows –

Inappropriate Language

One of the most common yet ignored reasons you get banned on Tinder is because of your language. You can get blocked for being offensive and inappropriate, and people can report you for that.

Pretending to be Someone Else

Planning on creating a fake profile and impersonating someone else? Be ready to say goodbye to your profile soon, as it is a sure-shot way to get banned. Catfishing on Tinder will get you reported.


Do you think that the snowflakes on Tinder need to lighten up and laugh at a joke? Tinder doesn’t agree. You may not be racist on purpose. But choose your words carefully to prevent getting banned.


Be polite and respectful to women and treat them like fellow human beings, but don’t dismiss the problems they face every day. Make sure not to let the conversation get out of hand.


Tinder won’t be kind to homophobes. If you’re a cishet person, mention it on your profile. Be nice to everyone on Tinder – though you’re encouraged not to be a homophobe in real life, either.


Bombarding someone with messages is a bad idea. The person receiving them can report you for spamming. Copy-pasting the same message to multiple matches is also considered spamming.


If you’re planning on using Tinder as a platform for social media outreach, it will land your profile in trouble. This is not a place to ask for Insta likes or to promote your brand.

Posting Inappropriate Images

It’s one thing to show off your body a little bit. But don’t go au naturel in the clicks to show how well-endowed you are. You can also get blocked for uploading clicks of animals you caught or killed.

Lying about Your Age

Remember that Tinder is for people above 18 to find dates. An underage member is not allowed to have a profile on the platform. If you’re caught lying about your age, Tinder will ban you.

Remember that people can block you at any time for violating these rules. You’ll probably not get banned right after the first report against your profile. However, if you keep repeating the same mistakes, getting reported multiple times will surely get you banned from the platform. So be decent.

Final Words

Let’s face it – the world is changing, and everyone has found the courage to finally speak up against things that they dislike. You may end up offending people unintentionally – and get your profile reported. It’s hard to revive your old profile unless there’s some misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Starting a new profile might be your only way to get back into the dating game on Tinder. Just look at it as a new opportunity to start afresh. So make the best of your clean slate!