How to Get a Girlfriend as a Teenager

This guide is packed with tips for how to get a girlfriend if you’re a teenager. So, if you are tired of being single, keep reading.

The key to getting a girlfriend as a teenager is to socialize with as many girls as possible. That’ll get you comfortable around them, and maximize the odds of meeting someone special. Once you meet a girl you like, date her and ask if she wants to be your girlfriend. 

Read on for tips about the best places to meet girls, what to say to a girl you like and when you should ask her to be your girlfriend. 

What are Teenage Girls Attracted To?

The aspects of a man that women find attractive are universal, whether you’re trying to attract a teenage girlfriend or an older woman.

Here’s a list of the most important qualities that women are attracted to. 

Good looks

This isn’t nearly as important as most teenage guys think.

Indeed, a lot of teenage guys lose confidence because they have to deal with acne or wear braces. 

This is unnecessary! Just focus on what you can control.

Lose weight. Put on some muscle. Get a decent haircut. Dress well. And forget about the things you can’t control.     

There’s no advantage to being insecure about things you can’t change!


This is your opportunity to shine brighter than anyone else. 

Most teenage boys are incredibly awkward around girls. If you can treat them like normal people, you’re going to stand out as a special guy. If you can flirt and make them laugh, you’re going to be viewed as the superstar of your school.

The key to becoming confident around girls is to start small. Get comfortable saying ‘Hi’ and asking how their weekend was. Then, get used to turning this into a longer conversation.

As you start to realize they’re humans just like you, it’ll be easy to become more fun and playful around them like you are with your male friends.

The next step is to practice teasing them, complimenting them, and flirting physically. As with everything else, the more you practice, the easier it gets. 

Sometimes, it won’t go as well as you were hoping. That doesn’t matter! In fact, this is going to help eliminate your fear of rejection, because you’ll realize it’s nowhere near as bad as you were expecting. 

These years are all about learning to become more confident with girls. If you don’t start now, you’re going to be that grown man who is still scared of women. 


As a teenager, you can demonstrate bravery just by confidently talking to a girl you don’t know so well.

If you’re talented enough to perform a hobby in front of other people, that’ll impress a lot of girls. 

If you’re not afraid to stand up to bullies or go against authority in your school, this will also be very impressive. 


If you can make her laugh, she’s more likely to be attracted to you.

Social Affluence

In school or college, this means being liked by other cool people in your classes.

When you’re a ‘popular’ guy, girls will be drawn to you, even if they don’t know you so well.  

If you’re a fun, confident, and social dude, this will hopefully happen naturally. Being part of a sports team can also help increase your popularity. 


If you’re seen as the leader of your friendship group, this can impress a lot of girls. So, be the one who decides what you’re all going to do for fun.

You can also demonstrate leadership skills, by inviting girls to hang out at a specific place with you, rather than asking what she wants to do.


Movies, TV shows, and books all teach men to do whatever it takes to impress their crush. This is horrible advice!

When a guy acts like he needs a girl, it comes across as desperate and cringey. 

Yes, you should make the first move, but don’t make a big deal out of it. Also, if she says no, find some other girls to talk to.  

Don’t ever obsess over one particular girl. This will push her further away from you.    

How to Meet Girls When You’re a Teenager

If you’re a teenager reading this, you’re probably in school, college, or university. It will never be easier for you to meet girls. Unless you’re in an all-boys school.

Assuming you’re in a mixed school, you should be talking to the girls in your classes every day. You can start by talking about your lessons, then transition into a normal conversation. 

Once you start to see signs that a girl likes you, go ahead and ask if she wants to hang out outside of school.

Suggest a specific activity you’ll both enjoy and don’t make it a big deal! 

How To Meet Girls When You Go To An All-Boys School

It’s not the end of the world if you go to an all-boys school, or if you’re not in school at all. Here are some other great places to meet girls when you’re a teenager. 

  • Events with a sister school. Most all-boys schools are partnered with an all-girls school and throw events together. Attend as many of these events as possible. Perhaps you can meet a girl at the Christmas party or the end-of-year dance. 
  • Parties. Your friends will probably throw birthday parties or get-togethers for whatever other reason. The more friends you have, the more often you’ll be invited to these parties. Sometimes, community centers will throw discos specifically for teenagers too. In some parts of the world, you’ll be legally allowed to go to bars and nightclubs when you’re 18 or older.     
  • Hobbies. Get involved in clubs and events outside of school hours. Perhaps choose something that girls enjoy too.
  • Summer camp. Maybe you can sign up for a summer camp which boys and girls attend.
  • Go to the mall or the beach. Hit up the mall at the weekend and you’ll find plenty of girls to talk to. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, that’ll also be packed with young girls on a sunny weekend.     

How To Talk To Girls I Don’t Know Outside Of School

When approaching a woman who doesn’t know you, it’s best to start off by being direct about why you’re talking to her.

For example, you can tell her that she looks fantastic today, and that you wanted to meet her.

If she reacts well, you can start to get to know each other. Where does she study? What does she do for fun? What type of music does she like?

Rather than asking questions, it’s far more engaging to guess about what type of girl she is. She’ll either confirm you were right or correct you, then she’ll usually ask why you made that guess. Now, you’ve caught her interest and inspired her to ask you questions! 

A lot of young girls will be shy and nervous when an unknown boy talks to them. However, if you can remain fun and relaxed, many will begin to open up after a few minutes. Some will remain shy and uncomfortable, and that’s fine! It’s usually a reflection on them, not you!    

If you’re getting along well, you should invite her to hang out with you somewhere else. Hopefully, during the conversation, you’ve discovered there’s something you both enjoy that you can invite her to. If you’re both free at that moment, why not go and do it straight away? This will often be the case at the mall or the beach, where people typically go to hang out and not do much.

If one of you is too busy to hang out more at that moment, swap phone numbers or social media details, so you can arrange to meet up later.  

The ‘Indirect’ Method

The ‘indirect’ method of approaching women is similar to what’s explained above, except you start the conversation by asking for help with something. Maybe you ask for directions or the time, or another question about your surroundings.

Then, you transition into a normal conversation from there.

This takes less bravery and can be less intimidating for the girl. But, it can also turn awkward if the girl doesn’t know the real reason why you’re talking to her. You’ll need to tell her she looks good eventually!

It’s best to experiment with both methods, so you can get an idea of which works best for you.  

When Should I Ask a Girl to be My Girlfriend?

Your teenage years are for getting used to talking and hanging out with lots of girls.

This will increase the chances of finding one girl that you really like, who likes you just as much. 

If you do find a girl like that, there’s nothing wrong with getting to know her on a deeper level. 

To do that, you’ll want to invite her to hang out one-on-one plenty of times. It’s in these situations where men and women can really see if they’re compatible.

If this girl really likes you, she’s going to start hinting about becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s in a girl’s nature to do this. 

Honestly, it’s your best bet to wait until she starts dropping these hints before you even think about asking her to be your girlfriend. 

Remember, despite what Hollywood may tell you, it’s a real turn-off for most girls if you appear more invested than her.

Once she starts to drop these hints, you can go ahead and ask if she wants to be your girlfriend. 

Most likely, she’ll say yes, and then it’s official. You’re in a relationship. Congratulations! 

Should I Date Multiple Girls or Have a Girlfriend?

The best dating strategy for a man is to date multiple girls, until you find one you really like. Then, once you’ve had a talk about becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, you can focus on only dating her. 

This is particularly good advice for a teenager, as a man’s younger years should be about learning how to be confident with girls in general. 

Yes, you might some girls might call you a ‘player’ or a ‘f*ckboy’, but most of them will respect you deep down. Remember, girls tend to be attracted to social affluence.  

In the 21st century, it’s completely acceptable to casually date multiple girls, until you decide to get serious with one you really like. 

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.   

Should I Have Sex With My Teenage Girlfriend?

If you’re a teenage boy, this is probably all you can think about.

Still, if you or your partner is under the legal age of sexual consent, there could be serious consequences. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up in jail. This is true even if you both want to do it!  

If you’re above the legal age of consent and you both want to have sex, go ahead and enjoy yourselves! But, please make sure you’re using contraception. There’s no reason to ruin your life with an unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease at such an early age. 

If one of you doesn’t feel ready to have sex, the other person shouldn’t pressure them into it at all. There’s no rush! 

Final Thoughts

It might seem like the most important thing in the world. But honestly, it’s really not so crucial to get a girlfriend when you’re a teenager. 

Your teenage years are about getting to know yourself and learning how to talk to all types of girls. The amount of teenage relationships that blossom into a happily-ever-after are minimal.

Still, if you do like the idea of getting into one, the tips in this guide will help you.