How to Get Girls on Snapchat

This is your ultimate step-by-step guide for how to get a girl to like you on Snapchat and how to keep her interested.

The most important thing to remember when getting a girl interested in you over Snapchat is to keep your snaps fun, entertaining, and casual. To really get the girl hooked you need to make her feel some kind of emotion. You can do that by sending something funny to make her laugh.

On Snapchat, looks is the most important factor that determines your success with girls. So, don’t just use Snapchat when trying to set up dates with girls. 

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In this guide, you’ll learn a wealth of tips about how to send snaps that make a girl interested in you. 

How to Add a Girl on Snapchat

There are a few methods for adding a girl on Snapchat. 

These include:

  • Tap the ‘Add Friends’ button in the main navigation, then type in her username. 
  • If you have her phone number, tap the ‘Add Friends’ button in the main navigation, then add her via your phone’s contacts.
  • Tap the ‘Add Friends’ button and add her with her special Snapchat code
  • Find her in the friends’ list of a mutual friend and add her that way.

It’s best to avoid adding her on multiple social media platforms on the same day, as this can sometimes make you come across as too keen.   

How to Get a Girls Attention on Snapchat

The unique selling point of Snapchat is that it’s a funny, entertaining, and casual medium. So, you want to make sure your messages are as funny and entertaining as possible. 

Keeping it casual is also key. In fact, this is a HUGE benefit of Snapchat compared to other messaging mediums. 

Because Snapchat is seen as a fun, casual medium, women are less guarded about sharing their details with guys they don’t know so well. It’s also seen as less of a big deal to send and receive snaps with random guys.   

The best type of snaps to send are quirky, entertaining, and non-try-hard. Whenever you’re doing something cool or interesting in your day-to-day life, take a snap, add a funny filter or some effects and perhaps a witty comment, then send.  

This is about a million times more engaging than generic messages like ‘Hey’ or ‘What’s Up?’. Women are far more likely to reply to snaps that make them laugh or at least make them feel some kind of EMOTION.

Once she sends a snap back, you should be able to transition naturally into a normal conversation. 

If she doesn’t reply, DON’T PANIC. It’s completely normal not to respond to every snap you receive. Just send her another fun and entertaining snap in a couple of days. 

How to Respond to a Girl on Snapchat

Another advantage of Snapchat is that you can watch a girl’s stories and start conversations based on these.

It only takes a witty observation or some useful information based on what you see. That’s the same if she sends a snap too. 

Again, this is far more likely to lead to a reply and a conversation, than a generic message like “cool”, or even worse, an emoji.  

  • Pro Tip 1: Don’t respond to her thirst trap stories. This will place you in the same category as all the pathetic simps in her friends list. The only situation in which you should reply to these is if you can make a witty comment, based on something other than how beautiful she is.  
  • Pro Tip 2: Post your own Stories regularly. This makes it easier for girls to start conversations with you. If you’re constantly sharing entertaining snippets of how awesome your life is, girls will be hitting you up out of nowhere. Don’t be surprised if you start receiving messages from girls you don’t even know.   

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Generic Tips For Messaging A Woman

These tips apply to any medium, but they’ll prove very useful here too. 

  • Smalltalk does nothing to make a woman want to meet you more. Don’t text for the sake of texting. Your messages should be about her, yourself or the date you want to take her on. Not the weather or other dumb things like that.
  • Try to avoid asking questions. Make assumptions and let her confirm or correct you.  
  • Humor is a huge turn-on for women. If you can make her laugh, you absolutely should. Snapchat’s filters and effects make this even easier.  
  • Show, don’t tell. It’s far more powerful to send photos or videos demonstrating what you’ve been up to, rather than words explaining it.
  • Don’t ever act butthurt if she doesn’t text you back. A better strategy is to wait a couple of days, then send something completely new and funny. 
  • When it’s clear she’s into you, ask for the date. Most guys wait way too long to shoot their shot. 
  • Never send dick pics. Ever. 

How Often Should I Snap a Girl?

It’s generally seen as more acceptable and less desperate to snap a girl every day, compared to messaging them on other platforms. This is partly due to the casual nature of the app, but there are other reasons too.

  • Most Snapchat users send the same snap to multiple people. A girl will probably assume you’re doing that too (as you should), so it’s less of a big deal for her to receive a snap from the same person every day.  
  • It’s common for Snapchat users to send ‘updates’ about the story they’re telling through their snaps. It’s common for one ‘narrative’ to involve multiple snaps.
  • Snaps are typically low-effort to send, so it’s not seen as a massive investment for you to snap the same girl every day. 
  • The ‘streak’ feature was built to encourage Snapchat users to message their friends every day, so it’s seen as more normal for people to do that.
  • Once you’re snapping each other regularly enough, you’ll appear in her ‘Recent’ or ‘Best Friends’ list – and that’ll usually inspire her to snap you more often.   
  • Usually, one snap will trigger a longer conversation and there’s nothing needy about texting back and forth quickly once that happens.

With all that said, it’s probably best to refrain from sending fresh snaps more than once or twice per day (especially if she doesn’t reply), just to make sure you aren’t perceived as desperate or needy. 

When To Ask A Girl From Snapchat On A Date?

Once a girl is showing interest in you – whether that’s through sending a lot of snaps or asking you a lot of questions – shoot your shot and ask her on a date.

The smoothest way to do this is to figure out what she likes to do in your hometown, then to suggest somewhere you should go together. Do this when you’re already in the middle of a nice back and forth, rather than opening a fresh conversation with an invitation. 

It’s not the end of the world if you shoot your shot too early. You can keep snapping, flirt more, get to know each other better, then ask her out again. 

Most guys wait too long to shoot their shot. This puts them in danger of being labeled as nothing more than a ‘texting buddy’. Even worse, it increases the risk of some other guy taking her out and making her forget all about you.   

So, don’t be afraid to ask your crush out after a couple of days of snapping. After all, the best way to get to know someone is face-to-face. 

  • Pro Tip 3: Your Snapchat ‘streak’ is irrelevant to how likely a woman is to go on a date with you. Some guys foolishly think they have no chance of landing a date if they don’t have a streak. Others get a huge ego boost because they have a huge streak with a gorgeous girl. Your streak should play no role in deciding when to ask a girl out. 

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a great app to build a connection with a woman over the phone.

It’s fun. It’s casual. It’s low-pressure. And you’re rarely seen as needy for messaging a girl every day. 

Now you know how to use it effectively, there’s no reason why you can’t be arranging lots of dates using this app.