How to Find Out if Your Girlfriend Is on Tinder

There are a few ways to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder – and we’ve listed the most effective ones below.  

The best way to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder is to create a new account and to start swiping on nearby women of her age. If she’s on Tinder, she’ll show up soon enough. Another way to find out is to simply just ask her. 

Even so, I’ve listed some more ideas in greater detail below. This way, you can decide for yourself the best way to go about finding out whether your partner is on Tinder.  

5 Ways To Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is On Tinder

These are in no particular order. Each of the methods have been ranked out of five for ethics and reliability.  

Ask Her

This is the most noble way to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder.

The best-case scenario is that she admits she is still on Tinder, provides a legitimate reason why, then deletes her account in front of you. The worst-case scenario is she denies it and gets angry at you for asking the question.  

The biggest reason not to choose this option is that she could easily lie about not having a Tinder account. 

  • Ethics: 5/5
  • Reliability: 1/5

Check Her Phone

This could potentially be the quickest way to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder, provided you’re able to unlock her phone. In most cases, the Tinder icon will be waiting in clear sight, if she has the app installed. 

The problem is: it’s considered a huge breach of trust by most people to snoop through their phone. In most cases, she won’t let you search her phone – and will be incredibly angry if she finds out you did so without her permission.  

Also, it’s possible that she is using Tinder, but not on that device. It’s now possible to swipe on Tinder via desktop at, so you might have to break into her laptop too. If you navigate to on her laptop and she has saved the password, it’ll take you directly to her account. 

  • Ethics: 0/5
  • Reliability: 4/5

Snoop Through Her Email

Again, this is highly immoral – and it’ll get you in a lot of trouble if you’re caught.

But if you can break into the inbox associated with her Apple or Google account, this can reveal whether she’s signed up for Tinder recently. Search for “Tinder” and you may find a confirmation email from the company. If it was sent after you got together, she’s got some explaining to do.

Of course, there’s every chance she deleted the email or signed up with a different email address, so this isn’t the most reliable method.

  • Ethics: 0/5
  • Reliability: 2/5   

Ask Your Friend If He’s Seen Her on Tinder

If you have a buddy who’s likely to be actively swiping on women with the same age and location as your girlfriend, you could ask if he’s spotted her. 

If he’s a frequent Tinder user and you’re in a relatively small or even a medium-sized town, the chances of her popping up are reasonably high. 

The flaw with this plan is: if he’s a real friend, he surely would have alerted you as soon as he spotted her. If he’s an infrequent user or you’re based in a large city, the odds of her profile popping up are less likely.  

Choose a friend you trust not to match and secretly hook up with your girlfriend. Most probably, that guy will lie about not having found her profile!  

  • Ethics: 5/5
  • Reliability: 2/5    

Create Your Own Account and Start Swiping

This is probably the most accurate and also noble way to know if she’s on Tinder or not.

Create a new male account and start searching for women of her age only. If she’s in your neighbourhood, drop your search radius to its lowest possible range. Now, start swiping. 

With your search criteria so strict, it shouldn’t take too long to find her if she is there. Hopefully, you run out of potential matches before she appears.  

If she’s living far away, you’ll need to pay for Tinder Passport to find her. This might be a longer mission as you’ll need looser distance parameters. 

Don’t use your own face on this new account! Not unless you want her to get mad at you for being on Tinder!

  • Ethics: 4/5
  • Reliability: 4/5

What to Do if You Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

You have two real options.

  • Tell her you found her and ask why she has an account. This is the ethical move, but she might make up an innocent lie about why she’s using the app.  
  • Try and catfish her to see if she takes the bait. This is the sneaky option, but it’ll reveal the truth about whether she’s looking for a new man on Tinder or not. 

The decision really is yours. 

Final Thoughts

These are five reasonably effective ways to know if your girlfriend is on Tinder. 

Now it’s up to you to ask yourself if they’re ethical enough for you to try.

Let’s hope you don’t find her during any of these investigations.