How to Find a Gamer Girl

Welcome to your list of the best ways to find a gamer girl. 

The most effective ways to find a gamer girl is via online groups or dating apps specifically aimed at gamers. On top of that, you’re likely to find gamer girls in real-life gaming venues or one-off conventions aimed at gamers.  

Below, we explore some of the best strategies for meeting gamer girls in these ways.  

Online Dating For Gamers

Online dating has made it easier than ever for you to search for a girlfriend who has the exact same interests as you.

In fact, in many cases, it should be possible to send messages to hundreds of these girls within the space of a few minutes.  

If you’re searching for gamer girls, you’re spoiled because there are several online dating services that have been created especially for gamers. 

These include:  

  • GamerDating 
  • Gaming Passions
  • Girl Gamer Dating 
  • Kippo
  • LFGdating 
  • Soulgeek

The user bases on these platforms aren’t as large as mainstream online dating services like Tinder or OkCupid, but they can more or less guarantee that all the girls you do find will have an interest in video games.

It’s worth creating an account on the mainstream apps too. A handful of them allow you to search for users based on their hobbies and interests. 

Online Groups For Gamers

There are plenty of online groups that have been created for gamers to connect with each other and discuss various aspects of gaming. 

Reddit, Discord, and Gametree are three social networks that appeal to gamers more than other demographics. 

But you’ll find plenty of groups on Facebook too. And there’s always an opportunity to search for hashtags on Instagram. #GamerGirl currently has over 13 million posts, for example. 

If you spot a girl you like the look of in one of these groups, it’s easier than you think to slide in the DMs, explaining that you spotted she likes gaming too. If you play the same games, that can be a great conversation starter. It certainly has a higher chance of working than sending a cold message just because you think she looks great. 

If you’re seen as being very active in these groups – and responding to this girl’s public posts before you slide in the DMs, this could increase your chances of getting a response too.

Avoid Trying To Meet Girls On Streaming Platforms Like Twitch

There is an epidemic of men dropping into gamer girls’ Twitch channels and trying to win their attention with compliments and donations. 

This is widely referred to as simping, and it’s not an effective way to win the affection of a woman.

While they may enjoy the money and the attention, girls rarely respect simps. In fact, they are openly mocked by men and women across the internet. 

Now, if you created your own video game streaming channel, that could potentially work in your favor. Let’s say you used this channel as a way to demonstrate your charisma and gained a decent-sized following. In this instance, it could be possible that gamer girls drop into your stream and reach out to you! This isn’t easy to achieve though, so you should only really do this if you actually enjoy streaming. 

Where To Find Gamer Girls In Real Life

Of course, it’s hugely stereotypical to suggest that you’ll only find gamer girls in certain places. They are humans just like you, and you could potentially find them anywhere. The more social you are in general, the higher the likelihood of coming across a girl with the same interests as you. 

With that said, there are several venues that are going to appeal to gamer girls more than other demographics. 

How about the video game store?! What about an internet cafe, especially those with video game facilities? It should be simple enough to start a conversation here, as you have the same interest and you’re surrounded by it. 

Maybe a comic book store could be good too? Many gamers have an interest in all sorts of fictional worlds, after all.  

With that in mind, it’s worth checking out one-off conventions like E3 or MCM Comic Con if they’re arriving near your hometown. There is a particularly social vibe at conventions like this, where everyone has the same interests, so they could provide a great opportunity to strike up a romantic connection.  

Meeting Girls On Video Games Themselves 

Most modern video games have some sort of online element where you can interact with other players all over the world.

While there are examples of men and women becoming a real-life couple after meeting this way, the odds are against you. 

For starters, the people you meet could be anywhere in the world. So, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be within a reasonable distance to meet up.

Secondly, the chances of a girl gamer wanting to make a personal connection in this moment is rare. Most prefer to focus on playing the game. 

Also, if you come across as the guy who is only playing ‘World Of Warcraft’ or whatever else to find a girlfriend, that can be a bit unnerving. There are hundreds of more effective ways to meet a woman.

Should You Only Try And Date Gamer Girls?    

It’s good for a man to have standards for the type of girl he wants to date, and it’s obviously nice when a couple has shared interests.

However, this doesn’t mean you should only try and date gamer girls. 

It’s possible to fall in love and get on fantastically, even if you don’t have the same hobbies and interests. There are plenty of guys out there who love video games, yet have successful relationships with girls who think gaming is stupid.   

So, you might miss out on connecting with a fantastic woman if you limit your partner search exclusively to gamer girls.    

If she’s a nice girl who accepts that you like to spend a lot of time playing these games, there’s no reason why romance can’t blossom. 

Final Thoughts

With the advent of social media and online dating, it has become easier to find the gamer girl of your dreams.

It would appear as if there are more gamer girls out there than ever before, perhaps because it is now considered cooler for girls to like video games.

Either way, there’s nothing stopping you from making connections with these girls and finding your perfect ‘Player Two’. These gamer girls may also be looking for a fellow video game fan to be their boyfriend. So, go ahead and make your move!