How to Date a Girl Online

Do you hate being single? Worry no more because this is your masterclass for finding a great girl to date online.

The key to finding a girl to date online is creating a profile with professional photos that show off your attractive qualities. Also, you need to get to the point quickly with your messaging. Instead of wasting time with smalltalk, begin arranging a date as soon as she shows interest.

These are the two most important aspects of successful online dating, and most men mess up on both fronts. This guide will explain exactly how to create an attractive profile and send enticing messages, as well as a wealth of other crucial online dating tips to help you find a great girl online to take out.

How to Choose the Best Online Dating Website

In most cases, the best online dating websites to use are the ones with the biggest user bases.

TinderBumble, and Plenty of Fish are reportedly the most popular online dating services in the United States by some distance.

These three apps are incredibly popular in most parts of the world, actually. If you’re based in Europe, it might also be worth checking out Badoo, as this app has a huge European user base. Hinge is a newer app, which has exploded in popularity over recent years. On all of these free apps, you’ll get more success by paying for greater exposure.  

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you might choose to invest in a paid-only online dating service. These services don’t have as many users, but you can rely on those who do use it to take it more seriously, as they’re paying for it. EHarmony is widely regarded as the best website for serious relationships. In fact, it’s supposedly responsible for 75% of marriages that begin online.

Niche dating websites are worth a look if you have very specific tastes for what your girlfriend should be like. Check out Christian Mingle or JDate if you want your girlfriend to have the same religion as you. How about GlutenFreeSingles if you want your date to have the same dietary restrictions? Yes, there’s niche dating websites for just about anything these days. You won’t find as many users on these, but you’re far more likely to match with users who are to your exact tastes.

Some adult hook-up websites might also be worth your time if you’re only looking for casual relationships or one-off flings. Most of the websites in this niche are scams, but some including Adult FriendFinder and Cougar Life are legit. Most people on these websites are part of the swinger or sex club communities.

This summary should give you an idea of the best online dating websites to use. It might be a smart idea to create accounts on several of these websites, so you spread your net as far as possible. Then, once you know which websites seem to be most effective, you can narrow your focus.        

How To Create A Great Online Dating Profile

This Tinder data suggests the top 80% of attractive women are only competing for the top 20% of men. This means you’ll need a profile that makes you look like at least an 8/10 to even attract plain girls.

If you’re not a naturally good-looking guy (or even if you are), follow these tips to make your profile stand out.

  • Hire a professional photographer. High-quality professional photos make you look like a big deal. Average low-resolution snaps with bad lighting make you look like an average guy with a bad life. There are photographers out there who specialize in online dating pictures, so you should absolutely hire one as soon as possible.  
  • Give a snapshot of your life. Your profile should definitely include some action shots of you performing your hobbies. It should also have a couple of pictures of you with friends, arranged so that you look like the much-loved leader of the group.
  • Appeal to a specific niche. This is particularly crucial if you have no chance of looking like the 8/10+ guy. If you sculpt your profile to appeal to a certain niche of girls, they might overlook the fact that you’re not traditionally good-looking. So, ask yourself: what type of girl do you want – and how can you create a profile that appeals specifically to them?
  • Don’t write dumb stuff in your bio. Your bio is nowhere near as important as your photos, but you can definitely disqualify yourself by writing dumb stuff. So, you’re best off keeping your bio simple. What do you do for fun? What type of girl are you looking for? Where would you take her on a first date? 

How To Send Great Online Dating Messages

Let’s explore how to send a great opener, then how to transition from your conversation into a date. Men tend to be pretty hopeless at both of these steps. 

Your opening line

The good news is: it doesn’t take too much to send an opening message that will stand out. This study suggests that over a third of men either say “Hi” or “How Are You?”, while another third just send a generic compliment.

There are hundreds of different opinions online for the perfect online dating opener, but it’s genuinely agreed that it’s a good idea to mention something unique about her that you liked.

If you ask her a simple question about that particular thing, you’re likely to get a reply. She’s included that in her profile because she likes it, so she’ll probably enjoy talking about it with you. It’s also great to prove that you actually looked at her profile, instead of sending the same generic message to everyone.   

How to transition into a date

Most guys remain as ‘texting buddies’ on online dating apps for way too long.

The longer you stay texting on the app itself, the higher your risk of being drowned out by new messages and forgotten. Don’t ever underestimate how many other single dudes you’re competing with on these platforms. 

What’s more, there’s every chance that if one of these guys pulls the trigger faster than you, he could sweep her off her feet to the point that she’s not interested in seeing anyone else. 

That’s why it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. The moment she seems somewhat invested in you, ask her to transition to social media. Explain that it’s easier to arrange a date and get to know each other there. After all, that’s true! She’ll be able to see your perfectly crafted Instagram profile, plus you’ll be able to send photos, videos, and voice notes. 

Here are some examples of how to transition into exchanging social media from an online dating app. 

Example 1 

“How adventurous/spontaneous are you feeling?”


“Cool, I’ll take you for an adventure at *DATE LOCATION*

“Haha, sounds interesting”

“Ok, let’s swap Instagram, it’s easier to organize our adventure there”  

Example 2

“What are 3 things you’d like to do on our first date?”


“Sounds great. Let’s swap Instagram, it’s easier to organize it there”   

Example 3

“So, what are you looking for on this app?”


“Cool, it looks like we’re on the same page. Let’s swap Instagram so we can get to know each other better. 

If she has barely written or shown anything about herself on her profile, you can consider opening the conversation with one of these transitions.

The great thing about all of these is that you can get straight into organizing the date once you’ve swapped social media details, because she’s already told you what she wants to do. 

Remember, speed is important, because you’re usually competing with so many other guys online. It’s best to organize the date as near in the future as possible before some other guy steals her interest and she dates him instead. 

Often, she’ll tell you exactly what type of date she wants to go on, especially if you’re using one of the transition lines above.

If she doesn’t, it’s best to organize a casual first date, like a drink at a bar or a cafe. These are low-pressure, low investment, and therefore easy for her to agree to. Remember, it’s you that makes a first date great, not the location. 

In this unpleasant era of flaking and ghosting, it’s usually worth sending her something to confirm on the day of the date. 

Hopefully, she responds quickly saying how excited she is to meet you. Then, voilà! You’ve landed yourself a date from the internet! Great work!  

Final Thoughts

The odds are stacked against men when it comes to online dating, especially if you’re not blessed with model looks. In most cases, you’ll probably get more success by learning some game and meeting women in real life. 

With that said, these tips are proven to help you stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of some great girls online. 

You’ve got nothing to lose, but time and a bit of cash. So, you may as well give it a shot and see how it goes.