How to Ask a Girl For Her Number on Facebook

Want to know the best way to ask a girl for her number on Facebook? I’m going to give you a foolproof method.

The foolproof method to ask a girl for her number on Facebook is to find a mutual interest then to suggest a date to meet and enjoy that interest. In the modern world, this is the only occasion you’d need a woman’s phone number instead of her social media details.

In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and out of this method a little further.

Do You Really Need Her Phone Number?  

Ok, so you’ve found a woman on Facebook and you want her phone number. The first question is: why? 

  • Do you want to call her? Well, you can do that on Facebook Messenger
  • Do you want to text her? You can do that on Facebook Messenger. 
  • Do you want to see the updates she posts from her personal life? You can do that on Facebook and you can’t with her phone number!

The only real advantage that phone numbers have over social media details is that you can contact people without using up your internet data. But, in the modern day, most people have WiFi access all around them and internet data packages that barely ever run out. Also, internet data availability is rapidly becoming just as reliable as mobile phone signals. 

You might also want to use messaging services like WhatsApp or Telegram if you’re meeting up, because these apps have GPS location tracking.

If you’re not arranging to meet her, there’s no conceivable reason to want or need her phone number. 

If you can think of one, you should simply tell her that reason and hopefully she’ll give it to you. 

However, for the rest of this guide, we’ll focus on how to arrange to meet this woman from Facebook and ask for her phone number after she agrees to do so.

How To Ask a Girl For Her Number On Facebook

Here’s a step-by-step guide of the most effective way to ask for a girl’s number from Facebook. We’ll assume this is a ‘cold DM’, meaning she’s never met you in the real world and doesn’t know who you are. 

1. Find a Mutual Interest

Look at her Facebook profile and find things that you have in common. 

Facebook makes it clear if you have mutual friends in common and this is a great icebreaker to use if it’s an option to you. The fact that you have mutual friends will usually make her trust you more, and it’s a fun thing to talk about too. 

Most people list their hobbies and interests in their Facebook profile, so you can see if there’s anything you can talk about there, although this information might be limited to her Facebook friends only. 

Although Facebook no longer lets you see what groups another person is in, this is another great way to establish a mutual connection. So, it might be worth joining Facebook groups about your hobbies and passions (especially local groups), then starting conversations with the women you like in these groups.

2. Offer Value In Your Opening Message

Mention your mutual interest. Then, offer some sort of value surrounding that. It could be a joke or a playful tease. It could be an interesting talking point, tips, some cool information, or maybe even just a compliment about that thing.   

This is better than asking her a question without offering any value – and it’s WAY better than sending something like “Hey I think you’re cute. I love your smile”.

Beautiful women – and even plain Janes – get cold DMs like this all the time. Unless you’re incredibly good-looking, rich or successful, the chances of her responding to these types of messages is minimal.

If you offer value and a mutual interest, the odds are much better. 

3. Build Rapport

If you’re a complete stranger to this woman, you’re going to need to send some messages back and forth to build trust and rapport. Focus on your mutual interests first. If she’s receptive, start talking about each other. Send her a friend request at some point, so you can learn more about each other more easily.  

Ice White’s book ‘The Message Game‘ is the best book I ever read when it comes to teaching guys how to send engaging messages that excite women. It’s packed with tried-and-tested strategies for various stages of messaging a woman, and it even includes screenshots of conversations from the author’s own dating life, so you can see for yourself that his methods work. 

4. Ask Her Out!

If it’s an event based on your mutual interest, she’ll be more likely to meet you. If that’s not an option, invite her to a casual date at a bar or cafe.  

5. Get Her Phone Number

Once she agrees to come, ask for her phone number and she’ll usually give it to you without any questions. If she asks why you need her phone number, tell her it’s easier to arrange your meeting that way.  

Final Thoughts 

It really is a numbers game to cold-DM random women on Facebook, but this five-step guide will give you your best shot at success. 

In fact, this strategy can work similarly well on social media platforms and even on dating apps too. 

Best of luck.