How Much Should You Spend on A Date?

You should spend around $50 on a date but not more than that. If it’s a fancy date you will probably have to spend around 40$-50$ but if you’re just having coffee 10$-20$ would be a more reasonable amount to spend.

The world has changed and moved forward. Currently, it’s standing at a spot where it’s yet to decide whether to leave old social traditions, especially when it comes to dating. While women usually do not offer to pay the bill, men still want to be polite and keep up the tradition of paying.

Men continue to play more than women do on dates. Well, experts say that it’s logical, considering how women spend $11 or more on their daily makeup, not to forget the hours they spend to look good before the date. If the discussion gets more serious, you will even get to hear about the pay gap. But let’s not drift away.

Even though men end up spending more on their dating life, the scenario has changed a lot over the years. Even if women don’t pick the bill at the restaurant and pay for both, many are open to split the bill, or they might pay for other activities like movie tickets and popcorn.

How much should you spend on a date?

If you ask experts and coaches, they’ll tell you that you should limit your expenditure on your first date to $50. This is particularly true if it’s a blind date. It’s best to keep your first date short – maybe long enough for a drink and an appetizer. A coffee date should not be too heavy on the pockets, either.

On average, though, people spend around $75-80 on first dates. They bring the amount down to about $55 on the following dates with the same person. But it’s best to keep the belt tight on the first date because when you splurge a lot the first time, your expenditure can escalate soon.

To simplify things, follow a simple formula. For every $10,000 you earn annually, add $25 to your monthly dating budget. So, if you earn less than $10,000 a year, your monthly dating budget should be $25, which can become $50 if you earn between $10,000 and $20,000, and so on.

Now, hold on! Even if you earn more than $60,000 a year, don’t spend more than $150 on dates in a month! Even at this rate, you will be paying $1800 in a year. Let’s think of it this way – you don’t want to impress your date and keep going out with the person because of your money, do you?

Coming back to what we said earlier – $50 a month can be a good average budget for dates, and you can increase it based on your income. But you have to understand that your budget can increase or decrease based on several other factors. Consider the standard of living in your location, if it’s a special occasion, or the mood of your date, etc. There’s a lot to consider. Well, we said dating is fun; nobody said it’s easy!

Why should you stop overspending on a date?

There’s something you need to think about – your finances. When spending on debts becomes a habit, things will go out of control very soon, and you will end up struggling to pay for other necessities. As it is, 25% of Americans are running into debt, trying to pay for basic needs.

Living has become more expensive. Holding hands and taking a walk in the park seems like the only pocket-friendly dating activity.

it’s essential to have a budget, especially when it comes to first dates, blind dates, or even initial dates. Once you have a budget, you can make a plan – which will tell your partner that you’ve made an effort.

How do you spend your money right on a date?

It’s not a good idea to throw around money on a date – unless you’re a multi-millionaire. But it’s also not going to help you in any way if you look like a cheapskate. But don’t worry! You can stay within your budget without looking cheap by planning a fabulous date. How, do you ask?

Here’s everything you can do to plan a pocket-friendly and fun date!

Plan your finances, in general.

It might seem a little crazy to go so deep into calculations, but it’s good to set personal financial rules. Not only should you consider your income but also your expenses on basics, like food, rent, student loan, health care, insurance, and more. So even if you’re in a mood to splurge, you’ll know you can’t.

Fix the budget.

This is a crucial step. It’s only when you have done your fair share of calculations and decided upon how much you are willing to spend on each date that you can go to the next step of planning activities, selecting a restaurant, and deciding the outfit that you are going to wear.

What kind of a date is it?

Is it your first date – or your second date? Is it a blind date? Or is it a casual coffee date after work? Think about where you are in your relationship with this person – and decide how special they are. If the person is really into you it should not matter where the date takes place.

Keep special occasions in mind.

Don’t forget that your budget will have to be increased if it is a special day like Valentine’s Day or Christmas holidays. Restaurant bills and activity prices will increase on such days. Don’t forget the birthdays. Even though prices won’t rise, you’ll be expected to spend a little more.

Consider the standard of living in your location.

How much you’re likely to spend on a date will vary based on the location. Prices and taxes differ from one place to another on everything from food and films to tips and transportation. There’s no need to explain how dating in Iowa can’t possibly be as expensive as in New York, right?

Plan something fun.

You can plan something exciting and fun without spending a lot of money. The purpose of a date is to get to know each other a little more and come closer. That doesn’t demand a sophisticated wine-and-dine experience in a pricey restaurant.

You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or even a beach picnic. If you love movies or music, music or film festivals are a great idea. These are interesting and cheap!

If the person you are dating likes you, such dates will make you two come closer. Even if you don’t yet know what your date likes, you can either surprise them or ask them. This way, you will get to spend time instead of money on your date – and get the chance to get to know each other a little more!

Final Words

Your date budget will depend on a number of factors, including your finances and your location. When you’re meeting for the first time, coffee dates are always easy and affordable. If you have been seeing each other for a while, you can catch up for casual lunch dates for some wine and starters.

As you move further along in your relationship, dates still don’t have to be wildly expensive. In fact, spending time together will be more important than a luxe date for which one of you will have to rob a bank. Remember, money can’t buy pure fun and romance on your date.