Does EHarmony Really Work? 

If you’ve heard all the hype about EHarmony, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s too good to be true. The reported success rate for EHarmony members is out of this world, after all.

The truth is: EHarmony really is a fantastically effective dating website. Some 71% of men and 69% of women meet their spouse within a year of using the website. The odds of finding true love really are in a user’s favor. 

Below, we’ll explore how EHarmony works, why it’s so effective and whether you should give it a try yourself.   

How Does the App Work?

EHarmony is a dating website exclusively for those using serious relationships. 

It matches you with potential partners based on the results of a lengthy personality test – and who the EHarmony algorithm determines is the most suitable partner for you. 

You need an element of trust in the algorithm to do the hard work for you. Rather than searching for partners yourself or swiping on them one-by-one, the algorithm delivers you a handful of your most compatible users every day.

This move is a stroke of genius because it stops your perfect partner being overwhelmed with messages. They’re far more likely to respond to your message on EHarmony than on a free-for-all website like Tinder. EHarmony users are forced to focus on quality, not quantity, and that’s what helps to spark real connections between users.      

It clearly works too! Some 70% of eHarmony users find their spouse within a year. EHarmony is now believed to be responsible for 4% of American marriages, more than any other dating app.

It’s more expensive to use than other dating websites, but also that’s part of what makes eHarmony so effective. You’d only stump up the money for an EHarmony subscription if you were serious about finding true love. The hefty subscription fee means you’re far less likely to deal with time-wasters or players looking for quick hook-ups. 

How To Use EHarmony: A Basic Guide

Once you create an eHarmony account, you’ll be asked to fill out the personality test. This may take 40-45 minutes and you can expect to have to answer some deep questions about yourself. 

From there, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a paid subscription. You can keep a free subscription if you want, but your messaging will be extremely limited. With a free account, you can’t open any conversation and you can only send one reply to those who message you. That’s hardly a situation that’ll land you a lot of dates.  

Once you take the plunge and pay for a premium account, you’ll be able to send messages to all the eHarmony users recommended to you by the algorithm. You’ll be delivered a handful of new matches each day.

For the best chances of success, message all your matches with an open mind. Get to know them. Give them a chance. The eHarmony algorithm really is very good at selecting people who will interest and excite you.

If there’s a spark, the final step is to arrange a date in real life. Yes, it can be nerve-wracking but everything great in life is supposed to make you a little nervous. 

How To Succeed At EHarmony

The chances of finding your true love on EHarmony are deeply in your favour. Not only do around 70% of users find their spouse in a year, but the divorce rate of eHarmony couples is reportedly around 3.86% (compared to the national average of 50% in the United States).

That’s not to say that your happily ever after will magically fall into your lap though.

You need to make the effort to take and upload amazing photos of yourself. Even on a personality-based website like EHarmony, a set of great photos will make people far more receptive to messaging you. First impressions matter. That’s just how life works.

With that in mind, it’s worth investing in a professional photoshoot, so you can get some hi-resolution pictures of you looking at your best. Include some photos of your hobbies, friends and pets and you should be good to go!

On top of that, get in the habit of writing engaging messages that excite the other person. If you don’t come across as fun and interesting over your instant messages, people are going to be far more hesitant to meet you or even to message you back, no matter how great the eHarmony algorithm says you are!

If you’re a man who’s no good at messaging women on dating apps, I’d recommend you buy Ice White’s book ‘The Message Game’. This book is packed with effective texting strategies for grabbing and keeping a woman’s attention. 

Is EHarmony For All Ages?

EHarmony has an older average user base than most other dating websites, especially the super-popular smartphone apps where you swipe left and right on other users. This makes sense as younger singles in their teens and early twenties might be less bothered about the prospect of finding their one true love. They’ve got their whole life ahead of them, right? 

When you think of it like that, it’s obvious that most eHarmony users would be in their thirties, forties and above.

With that said, if you’re a young adult looking for love – or an older person looking for younger partner – there will be plenty of suitable candidates on eHarmony for you as well.

The eHarmony personality questionnaire will ask you a lot of questions about the type of person you’re looking for, including their age, so you can use this website to connect with your dream partner quickly instead of having to wade through all the unsuitable candidates. What’s more, you can be confident that your matches are looking for someone your age too.

How Much Does EHarmony Cost? 

In the United States, you have three choices of eHarmony subscription; 

  • Premium Light (6 Months): $65.90 per month
  • Premium Plus (12 Months): $45.90 per month
  • Premium Extra (24 Months): $35.90 per month

This is more expensive than most of eHarmony’s competitors, yet people are still willing to pay it because there’s so much proof that eHarmony works.

By signing up, you’re essentially paying a premium to boost the odds of finding true love in your favor. Needless to say, there are millions of people across the world willing to do that. 

Final Thoughts

EHarmony has 33 million members across the world. Its website averages over 4.1 million hits per month, some 15,000 people fill out its personality questionnaire every day, and it boasts a mesmerizing marriage rate among its members. 

If you’re on the hunt for true love, signing up for an eHarmony account is one of the smartest things you can do. 

Because, yes, EHarmony does really work for those hunting a long-term relationship.