Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair?

Are you wondering whether girls like guys with long hair? Keep reading to find out.

Some girls like guys with long hair and will consider them their type. Others won’t. Either way, you should expect to be able to win girls over – even if you’re not their type – by showing attractive personality traits.

In this guide, we’ll explore what type of guys should experiment with long hair, how to maintain it so girls find it attractive, and why it ultimately doesn’t matter what your hair looks like at all.

Why Might Girls Like Guys With Long Hair?

Let’s take a look at some common reasons why women might be drawn to a man with long hair. 

  • It’s genuinely considered attractive for men to have thick, lucious hair. If a man does have thick hair and grows it long, he’s exaggerating that part of his appearance. Women are therefore likely to notice it more and love it more.
  • Long hair helps a man stand out from generic average guys. Whenever a man does this and he owns it, this tends to attract positive female attention. The man in question comes across as bold (not bald!), fun, unique and adventurous.  
  • If a man has long hair that’s well-maintained, that shows that he has self-respect and takes pride in his appearance. When a man is well-groomed and has put an effort into his appearance, it subconsciously communicates that he has life together and can take care of himself in all areas of life. He’s therefore going to come across as a guy who can take care of women too. 
  • When men adopt a certain appearance or fashion style, it can make women generate a stereotype of what he’s probably like. She might associate long hair with rockstars, surfers, fashion models or Jason Momoa, which are all stereotypically attractive archetypes.
  • Maybe she’s met other men with long hair in the past, who turned out to be awesome. We all sub-conciously have expectations of what a certain person might be like, based on our previous experiences of others in the same category. This is naive, but we all do it. 

The final two bullets about stereotypes and people’s previous experiences with certain archetypes of men are important.

If a woman has had undesirable experiences with long-haired guys, she might generate bad expectations of what it’s like to hang out with them in the future.

Don’t panic though. We’ll get into why this doesn’t really matter later on…

What Guys Look Good With Long Hair?

As a general rule, guys with thick hair can grow it long and it’ll look great. Guys with thinning hair should never do this. Remember, by growing your hair long, you’re exaggerating this part of your body. And you should only really be exaggerating your attractive features.

If you have thin hair or a receding hairline, you’re unlikely to generate the same positive stereotypes from women. Long-haired rock-stars, movie stars and models don’t tend to have thin hair, after all. In most cases, it’ll look like you’re insecure about your hair loss and trying to cover it up. If you’re going bald, your best move is usually to shave your hair off and own that look.   

The good news is: if you do have a strong hairline and thick hair, growing it long is likely to look good. It’s generally agreed that thick long hair looks good on all face shapes.

However, it might look particularly good on men with masculine facial features, like a strong jaw or a thick beard. If you have soft feminine facial features, a long mane might only serve to make you look even more feminine.

Take a look at Justin Bieber, for example. When he grew his hair long, it was widely suggested that he looks far too much like a woman. No-one is saying that about Aquaman or Captain Jack Sparrow.  

The important thing to know is: the hair length of his mega-star A-list celebrities isn’t going to do a thing to change how attractive they are to women. They already have so many attractive traits on a logical and emotional level. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how this works now…   

Women’s ‘Types’ And Confirmation Biases

Women primarily experience attraction emotionally, not logically.

It’s how you make her feel that’s most important, not the things you have.

If you make her feel amazing, she’s going to focus on your good qualities and ignore the bad ones. And vice-versa. 

We all do this, to some extent – with our friends, enemies, love interests, ex-love interests, celebrities, political figures etc.

So, what has this got to do with long hair??

Well, let’s say you’re a long-haired guy who approaches a woman and does a great job of flirting with her, being charismatic and making her have a great time in your presence.

Most likely, she’s going to be having positive thoughts about your long hair.

“I love his long hair. It’s so nice running my hands through it. He takes such pride in his appearance. He looks like Brad Pitt in the early 90s. He’s so dreamy.”  

But, let’s say the approach went badly. Maybe you offend her or annoy her in some way. Or even better, let’s pretend you get into a relationship with this woman, treat her badly and break her heart.

Most likely, to protect her feelings, her brain is going to focus on all the bad aspects of your long hair.    

“I hate his long hair. He leaves it all over my shower and bathroom sink. He takes way too much pride in his appearance, it’s so feminine. How pathetic that he’s trying to look like Brad Pitt in the early 90s. He’s so dorky.”

Don’t believe this happens? Take a moment to compare how you feel about your ex-girlfriend, compared to how you used to feel.

The point of this section is to make it clear that how you make a woman feel is more important than what you’re doing with your hair. 

What To Consider When Growing Your Hair

Ultimately then, the decision to grow your hair should mostly be based on what you think about it.

If you’re feeling confident with long hair, you’re going to bring better energy to your interactions with women and have a better chance of making them feel great in your presence. 

However, there are more things to consider than how long hair looks on you. After a certain point, long hair is going to have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. 

  • Long hair takes longer to style and maintain. You’ll have to maintain it more often.  
  • You’ll be spending more money on hair products.
  • People will be commenting on your hair all the time, especially when you’re growing it out for the first time.
  • If someone doesn’t like you, they’re probably going to talk trash about your hair. 
  • Your hair isn’t going to look flawless all the time, like it might if it’s really short. Sometimes, it’s going to get messed up.  
  • There’s an ‘awkward middle phase’ when growing your hair out. It’s generally agreed that your hair is going to look pretty naff during this phase.
  • Long hair on men is definitely in style at the moment, but that might not last forever. 

These shouldn’t necessarily be unclearable hurdles for any guy, but they’re facts worth knowing and being prepared for.  

Final Thoughts

Long hair on men is polarising. Some women love it, some hate it. But this isn’t so bad in the dating game. 

When you’re polarising women, some are going to absolutely love you, especially when you have an attractive personality overall. In this case, you’ll be able to win women over whether long-haired men are their ‘type’ or not. 

With that said, you know now why women adore long hair, what it might be like to grow your hair out, and why it doesn’t ultimately matter at all. Hopefully, that’s enough to make an informed decision about what type of haircut to sport.