Complete Guide To Dating As A Short Guy

Welcome to your complete guide to dating as a short guy.

It is absolutely possible to date beautiful women if you’re a short man. The key is to cultivate an attractive personality and rely on that. If you decide to use dating apps, use one that places a lot of focus on personality, such as eHarmony. 

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In this guide, you’ll discover how you can use your personality to attract women even when you’re short – and why dating apps like EHarmony can help you find a great partner no matter what you look like.

Online Dating for Short Men In 2022

You can quickly show off all your great personality traits when approaching women in real life. 

When relying on dating apps, you can’t.

It’s difficult to emotionally stimulate a woman with your dating profile. It’s just pictures and a written bio.

That’s why women can only make their online dating decisions logically. 

  • When a woman writes ‘6ft guys only’ in her Tinder bio, she’s in her logical mindset. 
  • When she asks your height in the opening message, she’s in her logical mindset. 
  • When she sets search filters to only include 6ft and above, she’s in her logical mindset.    

Remember, in their logical mindset, women only want men who are 5 foot nine or taller (on average).

But when you approach her in the bar and you’re funny, charming, assertive and flirtatious, you put her into her emotional mindset. 

Now, she’s able to persuade herself that her list of ‘must-haves’ are silly and having fun is the most important thing.

With that said, if you do decide to use online dating as a short guy, I’d recommend using a website that focuses on personality. EHarmony is the greatest of these websites. 

This app requires users to fill out a 40-45 minute personality quiz before they complete their registration. The results of this quiz are used to select the most compatible members for you to message.

Members are given just a handful of their most compatible matches to message every day, which sounds bad but is actually a stroke of genius.

For starters, it means your perfect woman isn’t going to be overwhelmed with messages with less suitable men in her eHarmony inbox.

But more importantly, you’re not going to have to waste your time messaging women who are dead-set on dating a 6’6” bodybuilder. The eHarmony algorithm does an incredible job of discovering people’s preferences and matching them accordingly.

That’s probably why it’s responsible for 4% of weddings in the United States, more than any other dating app. In fact, some 70% of members find their spouse on eHarmony within a year of signing up. Give it a try.

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Your pictures will still play an important role on eHarmony, so it’s worth hiring a professional photographer to take some snaps which immediately stand out. If you can include pictures which showcase a great lifestyle, that will really help too. 

I’d also recommend you buy Ice White’s book ‘The Message Game’ so you can learn how to write exciting and tantalising online dating messages. This book is packed with tons of effective tips and tricks for online dating success, as proven by its dozens of five-star reviews from satisfied readers. It is accompanied by many screenshots from the author’s own dating conversations, so you can see for yourself how well his lines work.   

One last tip: don’t lie about your height on dating apps. Catfishing leaves a bitter taste in the recipient’s mouth nearly every time. You wouldn’t want a woman to lie about her age or her height. So, be the change you want to see in the world. 

Being a Short Guy is a Disadvantage in Dating, but Not as Much as You Think 

Data suggests that men won’t have much chance of dating a woman taller than themselves.

This 2007 study suggests only 4% of women would consider dating a guy shorter than them. 

The same study concluded that the average minimum height that a woman would consider dating is 5 foot 9 inches. However, this figure didn’t account for the height of the women answering, nor the women who said they didn’t have a height preference. 

There isn’t any significant data surrounding the percentage of women who would only date six-foot tall guys, for example. 

Although it’s not uncommon to hear this sentiment, we can assume there’s more than 4% of women who feel this way. 

However, there’s another more important point to make here – and that’s the fact that people use their logical mindset when answering polls like this. Yet, people (and women in particular) use an emotional mindset when making romantic decisions.

Women don’t fall in love with a man’s height, his job, his bank balance or other logical facts about him. They fall in love with how he makes her feel. 

So, if a short guy can learn to push a woman’s emotional buttons the right way, he can persuade her to ignore her logical shortlist of ‘must-haves’ and date him anyway. 

This is what I’m going to teach you how to do in this guide.  

How to Attract Women With Your Personality

A fun personality is key to winning and keeping a woman’s attention as a short guy. Masculine qualities are key to inspiring her to want to date you. You can show both of these immediately by approaching a woman in real life. 

When you confidently approach a woman at the bar, on the beach or in some other daytime venue, you immediately show bravery, assertiveness, leadership skills etc. These are all highly masculine qualities. Masculine qualities are key for anyone to attract a feminine woman. But women often mention that they feel safer, more protected and more feminine with tall men, implying that they feel less like that with shorter guys. So, it’s even more crucial for shorter men to demonstrate their masculine qualities in the first moments of meeting a woman. If a short guy can build muscle in the gym, that will really help too.    

As the conversation goes on, you can easily show off your charisma and sense of humor, while building an emotional connection.

It’s important to remember that barely any men have the bravery nor the social acuity to approach a woman in a fun and respectful way. So, if you can learn how to do this, it will often set you apart as a man worth considering. This is your way to compete with the tall guys who rely on dating apps and don’t approach anyone at the bar. You can learn all the fundamentals of approaching women in real life in my book ’The Thrill Of The Chase’. This book details my journey learning how to overcome heartbreak, enjoy the single life and attract the women I always wanted.

It will also help if a short man can show off his status, wealth and ability to provide a fun lifestyle for his partner. A simple way to do this is to dress well or to attend exclusive events. When you do this, it immediately becomes clear that you’re a ‘somebody’.

You can also add photos showing off your lifestyle on your social media profiles – and communicate with women using these instead of traditional messaging apps. Instagram is a far more effective tool for messaging your romantic interests than tools like WhatsApp or iMessage – and the ability to passively show off your lifestyle is just one of the reasons why. 

Anyway, before we move on, can we agree that all the factors written above in bold are more important than height when it comes to determining the success of a relationship?

The great news is: you can improve all of these factors, even if you can’t increase your height.  

Final Thoughts

I’ve seen plenty of shorter guys lead amazing dating lives by adopting the ideas in this guide. 

The key is to compensate for you by developing all of your other attractive qualities.

The better you do this, the more women you’ll find who are excited to date you.