Complete Guide To Dating As A Fat Guy

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on dating beautiful women when you’re overweight. 

Ultimately, the key to dating beautiful women as a fat guy is to cultivate an attractive personality and to rely on that. If you do use dating apps, make sure to use the ones like eHarmony that place a lot of focus on personality.

Below, we’ll explore how to use your personality to attract women when you’re overweight and why dating apps like eHarmony can help you find love no matter what you look like.

Online Dating Is Important in 2022

When you approach women in real life, you can immediately stimulate a woman’s emotions with your confidence, charisma, assertiveness, sense or humor and more.

You can also propel yourself to the front of the queue for her attention by walking over and saying ‘hello’. 

With online dating, you can’t. 

There’s nothing to seriously stimulate a woman’s emotions on a dating app. You can only upload a few photos and a written bio. 

As such, women can only make their online dating decisions logically. That’s why the best-looking guys get all the girls and average guys get none.

The only guys who do better online than in real life are those who look good but have unattractive personalities.  If you’re a fat guy, that’s not you.  

With that said, there’s no harm in using dating apps alongside your efforts to improve yourself and meet women in real life.

However, I’d highly recommend you focus on dating apps that put emphasis on personality.

EHarmony is the greatest of these apps. 

It requires users to fill out a detailed personality test before they start messaging other users. The eHarmony algorithm will use the results of this test to match users with their ideal partner – and it does so with incredible accuracy. 

Indeed, eHarmony is responsible for more marriages in the United States than any other dating app. Some 70% of eHarmony users find their spouse on the website within a year. 

A big reason why eHarmony is so successful is that it limits the amount of people you can talk to. The algorithm will select a handful of the most compatible users for each member each day, but they won’t be allowed to message anyone else. The end result of this is: your perfect match has time to read and craft a detailed response to your message, rather than it getting lost in a cesspit of messages from less compatible dudes.

The price of eHarmony is another factor behind its success. It’s one of the more expensive dating websites, but this high price point inspires users to take it seriously. Indeed, the majority of women on the website are tired of dating handsome ‘players’ and are ready to find their perfect match. Give it a try.

Your photos will always play an important role in online dating, even if you’re using personality-based apps like eHarmony. 

I’d recommend investing in a professional photoshoot if you’re serious about finding great women on dating apps. A pro photographer will be able to take snaps that make you look your best, with perfect lighting and framing. You should also include photos which show off status, wealth and a fun lifestyle that a woman would want to be a part of.

If you want advice on how to excite women with your online dating messages, buy Ice White’s book ‘The Message Game’. This book is packed with tried-and-tested strategies for grabbing a woman’s attention on dating apps and quickly getting them out on a date. Screenshots from the author’s own dating app conversations are peppered throughout the book, so you can see for yourself how successful they are.   

Dating as a Fat Guy is a Disadvantage, But Not as Much as You Think

Let’s not kid ourselves. Being overweight is a disadvantage when you’re trying to date beautiful women. 

Sure, there are some women who say they prefer ‘dad bods’, but the majority of beautiful women want to date men who are lean and muscular. 

It’s not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s an honest signal that you have a lot of attractive personality traits, such as discipline, self-love, strength and the ability to take care of yourself.  

So, you should absolutely try and lose weight starting today. It really is as simple as working out and eating healthily. I like the workouts in Paul Wade’s book ’Convict Conditioning’. It’s based on the calisthenic routines that prison inmates perform, meaning you can do these at home without any weights or gym equipment.

You’ll feel healthier. Your confidence will grow. You’ll be better in bed.

With that said, you can absolutely still date beautiful women when you’re fat.

The reason why is: women tend to make romantic decisions emotionally, rather than logically.

Logically, there’s little reason for a beautiful woman to date an overweight man. 

However, if you can learn to push her emotional buttons the right way, you can convince her to disregard logic and date you anyway. 

This is essentially what all pick-up artists and dating coaches teach their clients to do, and I’m going to give you the basics below.

How to Win Women Over With an Attractive Personality

Most men know whether they’re attracted to a woman within seconds. If she has a pretty face and/or great body, a man will be instantly sold on the idea of sleeping with her.  

If she doesn’t have either of these things, no high-value man will go near her. This is why dating as a fat woman is so incredibly tough. 

Women experience attraction differently. They need to feel an emotional connection with a man before they sleep with him. That’s why men can attract beautiful women, even if they don’t look conventionally attractive. 

So, how can a fat guy spark attraction in a woman?    

A great start is to show off conventionally attractive personality traits

  • Bravery;
  • Assertiveness;
  • Confidence;
  • Self-love;
  • Charisma;
  • A sense of humor;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Status;
  • A lifestyle she’d want to be a part of.

A man can show off these first seven qualities simply by approaching a woman in real-life. If he can do this in a fun and respectful way, this automatically puts him above the majority of the male population, who are unable to do this. If you’re unable to successfully approach women in real life, check out my book ’The Thrill Of The Chase, which details my journey of learning how to enjoy single life and attract the women I always wanted. 

A man can show off his status and lifestyle through the clothes he wears and the events he attends. If he’s in the VIP area of the club or at an exclusive event, it immediately becomes clear that this guy is a ‘somebody’.

He can display this on his social media profiles too. By doing that and swapping social media details he meets, he’s able to passively show off the lifestyle that he could offer her.

What if I Don’t Have an Attractive Personality, Wealth, Status or a Fun Lifestyle?

If you’re overweight without an attractive personality or lifestyle, you’re essentially offering a woman NOTHING.

Why would a woman want to date you at this point?

Honestly, stop and answer this question. 

Some shady pick-up coaches might suggest that they’ll be able to teach you how to sleep with women despite having nothing attractive about you. 

However, the truth is: these women won’t stick around once they realize how little you have to offer.

The good news is: you can lose weight, you can work on your personality and you can improve your lifestyle. 

You just have the find the motivation and self-belief to do so. 

A great motivational exercise is to meditate and picture what your dating life will be like in 5, 10 or 15 years if you do nothing to improve yourself.Spoiler alert: it’ll be the same or even worse than it is now. Plus, you’ll look 5, 10 or 15 years older. 

You can either do the hard work to improve or keep the dating life you have now. The choice is yours. 

Final Thoughts

That’s your guide to dating beautiful women when you’re overweight.  

In my role as a dating coach, I’ve seen fat guys lead amazing dating lives by improving and putting emphasis on their personality. You can do the same. 

It won’t be easy, but it is possible.