Best Dating Apps For Average Guys In 2022

Are you wondering what are the best dating apps for average guys in 2022?

The best dating app for so-called average men in 2022 is EHarmony. This dating app matches users based on their personalities, making it far easier for you to connect with the women who would love all of your personality quirks., Zoosk, Elite Singles and Silver Singles are all decent alternatives too. Below, you’ll discover why each of these websites are likely to be more effective for average guys compared to the larger mainstream dating apps. 

Why Average Men Struggle With Online Dating

To know why certain apps are better than others for average men, you’ll first need to understand why average men struggle with online dating in general. 

To help you with this, let’s recap some reasonably well-known facts about men on dating apps

  1. There are a lot more men than women using mainstream online dating apps.
  2. Men swipe right to say ‘Yes’ to 46% of women on average on Tinder (and you can imagine it’s similar on competing apps)
  3. Men are generally afforded hundreds of right swipes per day on these apps (or unlimited swipes on the premium versions) 

These three facts will mean that even plain-looking women on these apps will receive more attention than they know what to do with.

This includes guys who are far more attractive than them, by the way.

After all, let’s remind ourselves of another fact. 

  1. Most men are more than happy to occasionally ‘date down’ if it means one night of easy action. 

The thing is: women will never knowingly ‘date down’ and because average women are being overwhelmed with attention from top-tier guys, the average bloke will need to significantly lower their standards to land any online dates.   

Perhaps you’ve heard a friend complain that he only matches with obese and transsexual women on dating apps. Well, this is far from a rare experience. In fact, I’d go as far as suggesting it’s the most common experience for average guys on dating apps.  

What Are The Best Dating Apps For Average Guys?

The good news is: there is still hope for average guys to find love online. 

This is because some average women eventually realize that these top-tier men don’t actually want a relationship with them and learn to settle for someone on their level.

However, to increase their chances of finding these women, it’s better for average men to be smart about which online dating services they use. 

Below, you’ll discover five of the most highly recommended dating apps for average guys. 


EHarmony is an online dating service which matches couples based on the compatibility of their personalities.

Everyone who signs up for eHarmony has to fill in a lengthy personality quiz, which the algorithm will use to give you a compatibility score with every other user, then recommend you the most compatible users in your area. 

It’s extremely good at it too. That’s why 70% of users find their spouse on the website within a year of signing up, according to the company’s own data. 

The biggest stroke of genius on this website (for average guys, especially) is its drip-feed matching system. EHarmony will give everyone a handful of their most compatible matches per day to message, but no-one else.

This means average guys have a fighting chance of getting their dream woman’s attention, because their inbox won’t be bursting with messages from hundreds of other less compatible dudes. 

EHarmony has a near-enough 50/50 gender split and is only marketed towards those who are taking their hunt for true love seriously. This further increases their chances of getting a message back from their dream woman.  


  • EHarmony matches couples exclusively on their personality, using an intelligent algorithm. 
  • Some 70% of EHarmony users find their spouse within a year. 
  • Its drip-feed matching system increases the chance of connection with your perfect match. 
  • EHarmony has a near-enough 50/50 gender split.


  • You can’t message other users until you sign up for a paid eHarmony account. The free account only lets you view their profiles.
  • EHarmony is one of the pricier dating websites.

Just like eHarmony, first became popular in the early 2000s, long before smartphones even existed. 

It has adapted several times since it first launched, but remains one of the more useful structures for average guys.  

Match has the swiping feature, but you can also use its search function to find a partner more suitable for you. 

The website also recommends particular users to you, although the algorithm doesn’t appear as advanced as eHarmony’s.  

It’s mostly popular with older singles (35+), many of whom have learned that endlessly chasing the top-tier ‘Chads’ is unlikely to land them a long-term relationship.  


  • Instead of swiping on people, you seek them out using Match’s filtered search tools. 
  • Match recommends potentially compatible partners to you. 
  • If you don’t find a partner in six months, you’ll be granted an extra six months of membership for free.  


  • There’s no free version of Match. You’ll have to sign up for a paid subscription. 
  • It’s one of the pricier dating apps to use.  
  • The user base is very small outside the United States, Canada and the UK. 


Zoosk is a super-popular dating app, which originated as a Facebook app and has now attracted over 40 million users as a standalone smartphone app. 

You can also choose between swiping on users one-by-one or searching for them, just as on Match. 

Either way, Zoosk will prioritize users it believes are more compatible for you, using its intelligent behavioral matchmaking algorithm. 


  • Swipe or search for users as you see fit.
  • Zoosk’s behavioral matchmaking algorithm will prioritize your most compatible partners.


  • There’s no free version of Zoosk, you’ll have to register for a paid subscription.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a reasonably popular dating website, which utilizes a personality test and uses this to favor singles more compatible with you. It’s one of the more affordable dating websites and there’s a nice range of ages using the app. 


  • It’s one of the more affordable dating apps.
  • There is a large user base across the world. 
  • This website is super-easy to use and the search function is very powerful.  


  • You have to pay a monthly subscription to message people.
  • It’s not as popular as the previously mentioned apps.  

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is a niche dating website for over-50s. 

Niche dating apps are a good bet for average guys. After all, if you’re in the target niche, you’re likely to be the ‘type’ of all the women on that website.

Yes, you’ll still have to compete with the other men on that website, but there’s usually less competition compared to mainstream dating websites without a niche.  

Silver Singles is a sister website of Elite Singles and is designed exactly the same.  


  • It’s a niche website and these tend to work better for average guys. 
  • There’s plenty of older women to choose from on this website. 


  • You have to pay a monthly subscription to message other Silver Singles users.

Final Thoughts

Average men deserve love and they can find it online. You’ve been given the blueprint of websites where that’s easiest.  

If you level yourself up into an above-average man, you’ll find it even easier. My book ‘The Thrill Of The Chase‘ explains everything I did to transform from a lonely heartbroken man to being able to attract the women I always wanted today.  

Your true love is out there. It’s just up to you to find her. Good luck to you, sir.