Accidentally Swiped Left on Tinder? – Here Is How to Find Them Again

Accidentally swiped left on Tinder? You’re about to discover seven possible ways to find that attractive person again.

The easiest way to make amends for an accidental left swipe is by using Tinder Rewind, although that’s only available on paid subscriptions. If you can’t use Tinder Rewind, consider creating a new Tinder account, looking for them on another app or asking your friends to look out for them. 

Quick tip: In 2022 Tinder is mainly good for chit-chatting back and forth but It’s not really a serious dating app anymore. I would recommend Eharmony instead. It arguably remains the number 1 dating website for personality-based matching and more serious relationships.

From personal experience, people using Eharmony are much more talkative and seem genuinely more interested in the ones they match with compared to Tinder. Give it a try.

Read on for a full list of ways to establish a connection with someone after you accidentally swipe left on them.

7 Ways to Find Someone You Accidently Swiped Left on Tinder

I tried to list these solutions by likelihood of them working in my opinion, with the most likely appearing first.  

Tinder Rewind 

Tinder Rewind is a feature that allows you to undo your last swipe on the Tinder pack, whether that’s a left swipe, right swipe or a Super Like. It’s only available to those with a paid Plus, Gold or Platinum subscription. 

If you have one of these paid subscriptions, you’ll notice a yellow rewind logo on the bottom left of the screen when you’re swiping through the Tinder pack. 

Press that if you accidentally make a left swipe and your previous card will appear back at the top of the pack, as if by magic. Now, you have the option to right swipe or Super Like them this time around. Or, you can swipe left on them again. 

If you’re a paid subscriber, you’re granted an unlimited number of rewinds, but you can’t rewind twice in a row. Essentially, this means that you can’t change your mind about whoever appeared two or more swipes ago.

Find Them On Social Media

A lot of Tinder users make a habit of posting their social media handles in their Tinder bio. If you can remember the handle, you should be able to find them on that social media platform. You can try typing their name into a social media search bar as well, although this is unlikely to work without their surname too.

Create a New Tinder Account

Creating a brand new Tinder account is a pain in the backside, because you’ll need a whole new set of personal details and (if you don’t want to delete your old account) a new device to use it on. If you were previously using Tinder on your phone, it’ll probably be easiest to create a new account on your PC.

You’ll need to use a different email address, a phone number or Facebook account to create a new Tinder account. In some quarters of the internet, it’s also recommended you need a different IP address too. Without these, Tinder will recognize you’re the same person with a second account, and this can lead to problems such as banning or shadow-banning. This is the best guide I found on creating a new Tinder account without any hiccups

Assuming you do so, your best shot at finding one particular person quickly is to limit your age and distance settings to exactly match their age and distance. If you live in a big city, it could still take a fair bit of swiping before they show up, but it’s worth a shot.

Ask Your Friends To Look Out For Them

This will help you avoid the hassle of creating a new account from scratch. If you have friends of the same sex and persuasion as you that use Tinder, you could ask them to keep a look out for this specific person. If your friend finds them, they can press on the ‘options’ button before swiping, then press ‘Share Profile’. This will reveal the URL for the Tinder profile of your mysterious lost lover, which your friend will be able to send to you.

Once you navigate to that URL using your phone (assuming Tinder is still installed), you’ll see this person’s profile and be given the option to swipe on them. Of course, there is the possibility that your friend has also already swiped on this person, meaning they will never see them again either.   

Try Another Dating App 

If this person is particularly thirsty for love, there’s every chance they’re on more than one dating app. After Tinder, the most popular dating apps worldwide are Badoo and Bumble. If you’re in the U.S or Europe, it might be worth looking on Hinge, OKCupid or Plenty Of Fish too.  

Use a Third-Party ‘Tinder Search’ App

There are plenty of these apps being advertised online. The call to action for these apps is usually to discover whether your partner is on Tinder or not. Supposedly, these apps allow you to search for Tinder users across the globe using their name and age. 

I cannot recommend a specific app because I have never tested any of them. There’s every chance that some or all of them are scams. So, take this route at your own risk.

Keep Swiping and Hope They Create a New Tinder Account

If this lost user gets banned or simply wants a second chance at Tinder, they might create a new account. In such a case, they might reappear in your Tinder pack at some point.  

Why Do You Care So Much About This Accidental Left Swipe?

Let’s end this article on a serious note.

If you accidentally left-swiped on a Tinder user, this usually means you haven’t communicated with them on any level at all. 

If that is the case, it has to be asked: why are you so desperate to get in touch with them? 

Yes, it can be frustrating to accidentally left-swipe on someone who is truly beautiful. Yes, our brains like to dream up worst-case scenarios and ask questions like: “What if they were supposed to be my soulmate?!”

But the truth is: you don’t know anything about this person besides what they uploaded to their Tinder profile. 

In all likelihood, that means there are likely to be millions of other beautiful people out there who are just as likely to be compatible with you. 

If you’re so desperate to get in touch with a complete stranger based just on their photos and bio, there’s a good chance you’d mess it up with them anyway. Desperation is one of the most unattractive personality traits, after all. 

This level of desperation is only really experienced by people who are dissatisfied with the amount of Tinder matches they’re currently attracting. If you’re one of those people, I’d recommend you buy ‘The Message Game’ by Ice White on Amazon. This book is packed with tips, tricks and screenshots to help you build a more attractive Tinder profile and convert more of your matches into dates. 

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have the option to use Tinder Rewind, the odds of you ever finding the person you accidentally swiped left on increase dramatically.

Still, you now have a list of six other options to find this person. Six long shots is better than none, right? 

Alternatively, you could decide to forget about this person and realize there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Up to you.