About Us

Dating Masterly is a website with the sole purpose of answering frequently asked questions regarding dating and relationships. We strive to update and publish new articles as often as possible and we hope that you can learn something new every time you visit.

Dating Masterly is owned by Einarsson Inventive AB, a company located In Lund, Sweden.

The Team

The Articles on Dating Masterly is created by Elias Einarsson and Joe Elvin but Elias is responsible for the content on the website.

Elias Einarsson

My name is Elias and I’m very interested in everything that has to do with dating and relationships. Writing has always been a big passion of mine and being able to write about what I love feels truly amazing. I have studied economics at Polhemskolan in Lund but now I’m more focused on learning more about dating and relationships.

Joe Elvin

Im Joe, and I travel the world working as a dating expert, confidence coach, and writer. I have written articles for the web’s most popular dating advice blogs and published two well-received books on dating and relationships. The Thrill Of The Chase is one of the books i’ve written.